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Disgusting Tactics used for social mind control…

December 10, 2012

I certainly cannot speak for everyone about this. Most simply would go into a rant exploding with righteous indignation over how a national sports format was used for a personal agenda while spreading mental illness like it was smallpox. Hoplophobia is a mental illness, and it should be recognized as such. While most illnesses of this nature are not contagious this one is. NBC should be ashamed of itself for allowing itself to be used as a threat to public health.

That issue aside it is pretty common knowledge that sports personalities do become targets for exploitation. They should, and do, have the right to properly and effectively defend themselves from harm. Just like every other person does. That was a direct response to the many that posted on Yahoo that they should be deprived of that right because Football is supposedly such a violent sport and the people that play the game are also inherently violent and simply cannot be trusted with deadly weapons. That type of thought process belies the fact that hundreds of weapons owned by NFL players didn’t kill anyone on any given day.

The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting ducks people. It is there so that people can defend themselves against criminals. Both inside and outside the government.

The Cowboy Libertarian: Post Turtles

September 2, 2009

After a somewhat stressful week I flipped over to the Google News page, and about fell over laughing at this one. Enjoy!

The days of fancy speeches and adoring rallies are over. The American people have been aroused from their infatuation and will now be judging President Obama on the cold hard facts not his rhetorical flourishes.

With President Obama taking some well deserved vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, that well known summer playground of the rich and famous, it might be a good time to evaluate the current state of the Obama Phenomenon.

By the time of the November 2008 election the country had became so angry at the failures of the Bush administration and of Republicans in general that John McCain was doomed. Fiscal mismanagement, a crumbling economy, rising unemployment and war seemingly without end, was just too much weight for the old fighter jock McCain to carry.

Republican congressmen, senators and pundits like to lay all the blame for their descent into the minority on George Bush’s presidency and John McCain’s campaign, conveniently forgetting that their own arrogance, lust for power and spendthrift ways had a lot to do with it.

The American humorist of the 1930s and 40s, Franklin Pierce Adams once said, “Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody.” And Barack Obama is no exception.

But that lesson was lost on the Obama folks almost from day one. They did what all politicians and their supporters do after a big victory– completely misread the mood of the electorate interpreting their victory as a mandate to radically reshape American society. They actually believed in their “Yes We Can” agenda — and with their amen corner in the mainstream media calling him the greatest leader since FDR who could blame them?

But from where I sit, Barack Obama is a”post turtle.” What is a”post turtle” you urbane urbanites and city slickers might ask?

Well one day an old cowboy was out ridin’ fence and he saw a turtle balanced on top of a fence post. When he got back to the bunkhouse he told the other fellas that he saw a “post turtle”. They all asked, “What the hell is a ‘post Turtle’? And he said it was a turtle settin’ on top of a post! He then went on to explain that “you know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong there, he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there and you just wonder what kind of dang fool put him up there to begin with!”

Obama was never really vetted by the adoring media, he has never had his nose bloodied in a real political fight, in the Senate he perfected voting “present” to an art form, he has no real understanding or knowledge of the struggles of his countrymen, and he has had no real hard life experiences that are the hot steel needed to forge and shape leadership qualities.

During the campaign when he made the comments about some Americans”clinging to their guns and their religion” to a crowd of well-heeled San Francisco Democrats, it was almost as if he was giving them an anthropological lecture on the people of the rest of America. What he said demonstrated a total lack of understanding of his fellow citizens, but the way he said it was worse. It was as if he was saying, “You know I just returned from the hinterlands and I would like to tell you about the strange natives and their quaint customs I encountered in my travels.”
And they wonder why health care is in trouble.

There is also a growing perception about Obama being in over his head and that his inexperience, once seen as a not being a problem by his admirers, has become a problem.

Still, Obama appears to enjoy BEING president–throwing out the first pitch of the baseball season, cracking jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner and having a NASCAR Day at the White House. The more important question is does he really know how to BE president?

Well, over the next few months we are about to find out. His health care plan is in deep trouble, the economy has too much “whoa” and not enough “giddyup,” and critical foreign policy questions will need to be answered on Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran — to name just a few.

He is either going to stand up and grab the standard of leadership or he will show that he really is a “post turtle” after all.

The days of fancy speeches and adoring rallies are over. The American people have been aroused from their infatuation and will now be judging him on cold hard facts not his rhetorical flourishes. It’s about to get very interesting.

As Obama’s hero old Abe Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

And the American people are showing they ain’t no fools.


Obamacare leads to no where…

June 26, 2009

Amidst all the various sad stories being splashed across the Internet and airways having to do with the supposedly sad state of health care in America something  has gone by the wayside. That something is called freedom and liberty. The freedom to choose what sort of  coverage that you want, and the liberty to decide if you do,in fact, want or need any coverage at all.

Brought to you by our good friends at The Independence Institute in Golden, Colorado is a presentation addressing exactly this issue.

Gift of life, calling on all donors D/FW area, spread the word

December 3, 2008

Hat Tip to Texas Fred

This is posted at the request of Concerned Citizen at Judging Truth, please read this and if you can help, I am certain it would be appreciated! Donations can be made at Carter Blood Care and their information can be found at this link:

The Gift of Life

As we approach the Christmas season, our thoughts turn to giving. Traditionally we look for meaningful presents to give our loved ones that help us celebrate the gift of life that Christ gave us by his suffering and death. I am posting this request to ask that you give the gift of life itself to a complete stranger this Christmas.

His name is Tyler Seedig and he is a young Marine who was bound for his first duty station in just three weeks. He was home with his family this Thanksgiving weekend and went deer hunting with his older brother on Sunday. On the way back home they were involved in a car accident that claimed the life of the older brother and left Tyler severely burned. He was transported to the Parkland Burn Unit where he remains in a critical care unit with severe burns over 65% of his body. He will not be reporting to his unit in Afghanistan, nor will he be home for Christmas, New Years or possibly even Easter. Tyler will most likely spend the next six months in Parkland Hospital trying to survive the initial trauma, fight off the coming infections and allow his body to slowly rebuild.

Tyler needs blood. Plasma in particular, so the type is unimportant. I am asking any capable person who can to give the most precious gift possible this year and donate a pint of blood to Carter Blood Center in the name of Tyler Seedig, Parkland Burn Unit, Dallas, TX. It costs us nothing except time and minor discomfort to give, but it can save the life of Tyler or someone else in need.

Through out this season we always talk of helping those in need, of giving to those less fortunate and of remembering those who serve. Here is the perfect chance to do all of those things with a simple pint of blood. Help this young Marine who was embarking on a journey of service and self-sacrifice in order to defend your freedoms and serve this nation where ever the call might have taken him. Think of what a precious chance it is to be able to give life to another.

Please keep this family in your prayers as well. They have lost a son and must plan a funeral during a season which should bring joy to us all, while they stand by the bedside of another son who clings to life by a thread. Remember them this season as you celebrate the love of your own families and cherish those around you for you never know when the call home may come.

Judging Truth: The Gift of Life

Who can you believe..?

June 8, 2008

Almost thirty years ago word was spreading that there was something terribly wrong going on. There were the five “H’s” and what was killing people..? In the health profession, at least in pre hospital we were all wondering how to protect our selves from this unknown disease. We knew that it could be spread, but was largely confined to homosexual men and intravenous drug users. It was as if the people that were infected had no ability to fight this menace off at all. For all the progress in understanding, and battling AIDS, some things have not changed all that much though.

The head of the World Health Organization’s HIV/AIDS department has officially admitted for the first time that there will be no global epidemic of the disease among the heterosexual population outside Africa, The Independent reported.

Kevin de Cock said global prevention strategies to address AIDS as a risk to all populations, among the WHO and major AIDS organizations, may have been misdirected. It is now recognized that, with the exception of sub-Saharan African, it is confined to high-risk groups.

These groups include men who have sex with other men, drug users who inject with needles, and sex workers and their clients, The Independent reported.

“It is very unlikely there will be a heterosexual epidemic in other countries,” de Cock is quoted in The Independent. “Ten years ago a lot of people were saying there would be a generalized epidemic in Asia — China was the big worry with its huge population. That doesn’t look likely. But we have to be careful. As an epidemiologist it is better to describe what we can measure. There could be small outbreaks in some areas.”

However, AIDS still kills more adults than all wars, and is winning against current efforts to address it, The Independent reported. A WHO/U.N. AIDS report published in June shows less than a third of people in developing countries who need anti-retroviral drugs are receiving them. There were 33 million people living with HIV in 2007.

One result of the WHO’s admission may be that the vast sums of money spent on AIDS education for people who are not at risk may now be concentrated on high-risk groups.

Some AIDS organizations, including the WHO, U.N. AIDS and the Global Fund have been blasted for inflating estimates of the number of people infected, taking much-needed funds from other diseases like malaria, spending it on the wrong efforts such as abstinence programs rather than condoms.,2933,364345,00.html

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