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The Fat Lady Sang, and Martha Coakley isn’t her name!

January 20, 2010

There are few times in life when something truly historical happens, and fewer still when there is a social upheaval that restores freedom and liberty.

The utter arrogance of the democrats was their downfall. But who would have thought that the peoples republic of Massachusetts would have thrown the bums out? Decent liberty loving Americans from across the nation, that is who. Martha Coakley is no law and order champion as portrayed by some supporters. She is a sexist that practices mysandry from her position of power. A closet Marxist, and supports some of the most egregious policies that ignore, and or destroys the Constitutional protections of Americans. Led by the nose by epic fail obama she received her just desserts. The fat lady sang in Massachusetts. Will she once again stand, and sing America the beautiful this coming November? We must, as always remain vigilant.

On behalf of the 4 million members of the National Rifle Association, we would like to offer congratulations to Senator-elect Scott Brown on his hard-fought and well-deserved victory in the Massachusetts U.S. Senate Special Election. We would like to thank all gun owners, hunters and NRA members in the Bay State for seizing this unique opportunity to elect a supporter of our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms to the U.S. Senate.

Scott Brown‘s victory is a stunning defeat for gun control extremists, including the Massachusetts-based “Stop Handgun Violence”, who spent significant manpower in an unsuccessful attempt to try and turn out anti-gun voters for Martha Coakley. Their crass attempts to misrepresent Brown’s record — a record that in stark contrast to Coakley’s, has been tough on criminals yet supportive of the rights of law-abiding Massachusetts gun owners — clearly failed.

Again, the NRA congratulates Senator-elect Brown on his outstanding and historic victory.

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Martha Coakley: Typical Democrat

January 16, 2010

As more and more comes out into the open it is clear that Martha Coakley is a true Big Government democrat. One can only hope that there are enough good Americans still left in Massachusetts to send her packing.

While Massachusetts is one of the bluest states in the country, Republican Scott Brown has come within striking distance of beating Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley in the special election to fill the state’s empty U.S. Senate seat. The special election will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 19, and in recent days Brown has gone from also-ran to serious contender. His meteoric rise demonstrates that the public has serious issues with Democrats, and particularly the health care bill.

Brown made a strong showing in a debate against Coakley in which he fielded considerably tougher questions than she did. While Coakley was asked questions about her campaign style and strategy, Brown was grilled about global warming and health care legislation. He held his own and offered a nice zinger when moderator David Gergen asked him if he would be willing to “sit in Teddy Kennedy’s seat” and vote against the health care bill. Brown responded, “Well, with all due respect, it’s not the Kennedy seat, and it’s not the Democrats’ seat, it’s the people’s seat.”

Absolutely true, but try telling that to Paul Kirk and the Massachusetts Democrat machine. Kirk was handpicked by Gov. Deval Patrick to hold the seat after Kennedy died, and he offers a crucial vote on health care should the vote come before the special election. Kirk has promised that he will vote for final passage, while Brown has indicated he will offer the 41st vote to prevent it. But now that it seems sure that the election will pass before the final vote, Kirk and the secretary of state’s office, which oversees the special election, may be prepared to stall final certification of the results if Brown wins. They claim they will have to wait a minimum of 10 days for absentee and military ballots. This standard certainly wasn’t in play when Kennedy himself was seated the day after the special election in 1962.


Then, as if that isn’t bad enough we learn about this,

but the real clincher is the blatant mysandry shown for purely political gain, read about that HERE. H/T The Daily Gator.

Does anyone really want a sexist like that in any position of power? Do we really need another hysterical anti freedom and liberty type ala Schumer / Lautenberg in the Senate?

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