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Battling Bloomberg’s assaults against our gun rights

June 9, 2013
Ninety-seven percent of Americans don’t live in New York City, don’t want to live in N.Y.C. and certainly don’t want a New York City mayor telling them how to live their lives,” said Erich Pratt, Director of Communications for Gun Owners of America. — New York Times, May 30, 2013
Gun Owners of America continues to battle New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is spending millions of his dollars trying to bring big city gun control to the rest of the nation.
We beat him in the U.S. Senate — for now — but his minions are still active across the country, trying to get various state legislatures to impose gun control and restrict your Second Amendment rights.
It can seem depressing when you listen to the media, hearing all the states that are pressing for more gun control in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting.  But what they don’t tell you is that there are EVEN MORE states that are loosening restrictions on firearms.
Well, GOA has been involved in several of these fights, and we continue to be involved at the federal level as well.  Here are just some of the ongoing, recent fights where GOA has played a role:
* GOA opposing backdoor gun control efforts at HHS.  GOA alerted you last month to how the Obama administration is trying to make an end-around Congress, implementing regulations to take away people’s guns.
The “see a shrink, lose your guns” regulations published by Health and Human Services would expand the abusive practices that have disarmed 165,000 military veterans, and apply it to average citizens, as well.
You can read GOA’s comments here.  And if you want to submit your own comments, you can go here to do so.  Comments must be submitted on or before Friday, June 7.
* GOA pushing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to appoint a pro-gun replacement in the U.S. Senate.  In case you missed the news, the notoriously anti-gun Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) died earlier this week.  So GOA is rallying the troops in the Garden State to press Governor Christie to appoint a pro-gun interim — a move that could very well stall gun control efforts in the U.S. Senate for several months.
* GOA lobbying Alaska and Missouri governors to sign nullification bills.  Legislators in both states have sent bills to their respective governors which would prevent any official in the state from enforcing federal gun control laws.
In Missouri, Governor Jay Nixon has until today (June 6) to veto HB 436, or else the nullification bill becomes law in the Show Me State.
In Alaska, GOA is expectant that Governor Sean Parnell will sign House Bill 69 — which, in addition to the nullification provisions mentioned above, would prohibit the federal government from regulating firearms made and possessed wholly within the state of Alaska.
* GOA presents freedom awards to sheriffs championing nullification.  Speaking to scores of sheriffs at a conference in Missouri last Friday, GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt awarded two outstanding sheriffs with freedom awards.
The “High Noon Award” was presented to Wisconsin’s Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., for “standing for truth when others run, for telling the truth even though politically incorrect.”
And Sheriff Denny Peyman of Jackson County, Kentucky was presented with the “Nullifier of the Year” award by GOA for promising to not enforce any gun law that violates the Kentucky or U.S. Constitutions.
* GOA assists efforts in CO to recall anti-gun Senate President.  Democrat Colorado legislators used the Sandy Hook shooting as an excuse for imposing greater gun restrictions in March.  Since then, there has been a grassroots effort to hold Senate President John Morse (D) accountable — an effort which GOA has aided.
While the deadline for collecting signatures was June 3, activists were able to collect more than double the number that was needed to force a recall election.  Once the signatures are certified by the Secretary of the State, then the Governor will set a date and time for the recall which will most likely take place in September.
Firearms Manufacturers Offered Rent-Free Land in Missouri
While many gun companies are now leaving Colorado because of their betrayal on gun rights, John Negri has set forth an offer that gun manufacturers may not be able to refuse.
Speaking on “America’s Voice Now” — Missouri radio program hosted by GOA member Michael Evans — Negri is making three parcels of land available at a no-charge lease for 20 years.
Negri is extending the invitation to gun manufacturers or distributors that have publicly announced they’re leaving their current state because of restrictive firearms regulations.
Interested parties, firearms manufacturers, accessory makers and distributors can contact Michael Evans at or call 417-372-0686 for more information or to obtain a package outlining the parcels available and their respective benefits and features.
Your continued support helps keep us in the fight.
And every new person you encourage to sign up for our free email alerts or for a new GOA membership gives us a louder voice inside the Beltway.
Thank you!

Those Lying Flip-floppiing Politicians

October 5, 2012
The 2012 elections have now entered the homestretch.  The candidate debates are ramping up, and politicians all over the country are blanketing the airwaves with lies about their legislative records.
It’s not a new problem.  Remember the now-infamous quote from presidential hopeful Kerry about the Iraq War:  “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.”
Rarely has a politician exposed himself more shamefully than the Massachusetts Democrat did back in 2003.  Of course, everyone knows that most politicians do what Kerry did — they are just a lot better in disguising their duplicity.
Gun Owners of America has released its Candidate Rating — something the organization has done for more than two decades — to help gun owners ferret out those lying politicians who “voted for your gun rights before they voted against them.”
Consider a recent letter from Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri to a GOA activist who is a constituent in her state.  Asked whether she would support this pro-gun legislation to allow gun owners to carry their guns across the country, McCaskill said:
“I strongly support legal and safe gun ownership by law-abiding citizens and have consistently voted to uphold this constitutional right.   For example, in the 111th Congress, I voted to … require the National Park Service to honor state gun laws when gun owners enter National Parks in their states.”
Did this Senator — who is F-rated by GOA — really vote to repeal the National Parks gun ban?  Hardly.  You see, this is where McCaskill pulls a “John Kerry,” essentially saying:  “I supported gun rights before I opposed them.”
When the repeal of this gun ban came before her, McCaskill opposed it — voting against a stand-alone amendment to repeal the National Parks gun ban which was added to a credit card “reform” bill.  (Senate Roll Call #188, May 12, 2009.)
Later on, she supported the underlying credit card bill so, presumably, Sen. McCaskill must think this allows her to say she helped repeal the National Parks gun ban — even though she voted against it when it was a stand-alone amendment.
In other words, she supported the National Parks gun ban before she “opposed” it.
Considering politicians’ tendency to obfuscate, how is a gun owner to know where his member of Congress really stands on the Second Amendment?  To be honest, it’s a full-time job tracking down the voting records of all the candidates.
And this is why Gun Owners of America surveys all the candidates for Congress.  It’s why we rate Congressmen, not on what they say, but on how they vote.  It’s why we try to put a Candidate Rating into as many gun owners’ hands as we can prior to the election.
Click here to see the most complete Congressional Candidate Rating
that scores Second Amendment issues
Print out your state.  Copy it.  Distribute it around.
Email it to all your pro-gun family and friends.
GOA is committed to helping millions of gun owners around the country make informed choices when they go to the polls this fall.  Because when it comes to our Second Amendment rights, you can’t just go on what the politicians are telling you!
Please help GOA spread the message to millions of gun owners nationwide with your contribution today!

Gun Owners of America Radio
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Upcoming guests include:
  • Cody Wilson, the University of Texas student who was going to use a 3-D printer to create a gun, will appear on GOA Radio Live this coming Tuesday, October 9, to discuss his upcoming plans now that the company which had leased him the 3-D printer reclaimed it unexpectedly over concerns that it would be used for “illegal purposes.”
  • Gary Kleck, criminologist and author of the groundbreaking study on self-defense with guns, will be discussing new gun-related research that he’s been conducting.  Tune in on Thursday, October 11 to hear him.

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