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Remembering: The day the earth stood still 9/11

September 10, 2010

Remembering¬† this day… I think that perhaps the best way to honor the thirteen men that I knew, trained, and worked with might be best served by simply not posting. That is why this is an hour and fifteen minutes early. Our attention, rather, should be guided toward remembrance of those that died that day. The professionals that did their duty, and paid the ultimate price, as well as the overt victim’s.

America, as in the United States of America. Is not about bowing, even a head nod, to those that wish the destruction of Freedom and Liberty.

The “American Dream” is not about owning a home. It is not about being overpaid for the work that you do. It is not about gaining personal power. It is about having the ability to actually do those things!

Read the Declaration of Independence.

Read the Constitution.

Read the Bill of Rights.

Think about it… Being an American, philosophically is a Natural Human Right!

Time is up. I’ll post links tomorrow.

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