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Before things get out of hand..?

January 10, 2009

The sheer hypocrisy of the drug war is nothing new. By anyone’s standards it has been a losing battle since President Nixon declared it!  Now, since those in high places have refuse to acknowledge that fundamentally this is an economic battle;  violence has ravaged Mexico, and spilled over into the United States.Please note that in the following article said officials state that they fear that the violence will spill over… Perhaps they should check with the locals in San Antonio and Laredo, Texas for an outdated “update” so that they can get up to speed on this issue.

More to the point though is the absolute garbage tossed out by Michael Chertoff at the very end of the story. Hey! Jerk! Remember Compean and Ramos? The guys that were tossed under the bus by a renegade U.S. Attorney?

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