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Yet another self defense protest…

January 27, 2015

Another Police shooting is drawing a protest. This time in Denver. Again, it would appear to be fully justified as an act of self defense, or an act that was done in the defense of another innocent party. In this case a Denver Police Officer. The Officer was struck by the stolen vehicle that the teenage girl that was shot and killed was driving suffering a leg injury.

What the heck..? That “girl” as many are describing her intentionally used that stolen vehicle as a weapon and injured another person. That person happened to be a Police Officer. Don’t Cops have self defense rights..?

While listening to talk radio last evening (sorry but I don’t remember if it was on KHOW or KOA) a caller talked about how vicious the Officers of The Denver Police Department are. This was a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment for this retired Paramedic. Compared to virtually every other Police Department in the greater Denver area, with the possible exceptions of Commerce City and Broomfield, are the most restrained when it comes to physical means of containing a suspect. Indeed, IMO? If this had happened in Arvada, Lakewood, Westminster, or Wheatridge? Every other kid in that vehicle would have been shot, if not killed!

Kudos from this retired Paramedic to the Denver Police Officers involved for a job well done in a manner that both complies with common ethical principles, and professionalism.

For the “anonymous” posted about the teen’s death on their Twitter account 

This was not “murder,” not at all.

Elene Kagan: The “short” unknown

May 10, 2010

Elena Kagan reportedly is the impostor in chiefs choice for the Supreme Court. So far, little really is known about the lady. What is known, is that she spent a lot of time in academia. Ivy league schools, and all that.

Considering the anti liberty leftist big government teachings and social activism that has been rampant at such places for so long? I for one am not all that sure that those things are in fact positives. The crotch card is also being played again, and I see that as a negative. Not the fact that she is female but the fact that it is even being touted.

What is the lady’s position on the Bill of Rights? The Constitution? Individual liberty verses Government power? Is she a constructionist or does she believe that a piece of paper breathes? Is she an obama boot licker or can she think for herself, and act on that rather than take marching orders?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Then, after all is said and done? Could there be a queen bee conflict on the Court between her, and the “Wise Latina?”

Then later in the day there is THIS go figure!

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