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The animals had it coming « THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS

October 10, 2007

The animals had it coming « THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS

Eric over at The Tygrrrr Express wrote a contrast comparison piece that was simply delightful in nature. Naturally, he took a bit of a beating for doing so. It comes with the territory in this politically correct day and age. He was mostly challenged by people that took the Morally Superior tact that so often makes Vegetarians believe that they hold the keys to Eminence in mind, body, and spirit.

I am very busy this week, and so will be delayed in fully commenting about these things. However, I surely will do so in the near future.

Well, now that I have some time…

I have found it just short of amazing over the years how various people claim to have moral superiority because they are from the anti hunting, and or vegetarian camp. Guess what? Human beings, are predators. They always have been, and always will be so. It is not simply something that is hard wired into our brains, it is also physiologically based. The eyes of the human being are spread apart, and impart binocular vision. Just as are the eyes of Lions, Tigers, Wolves and other predators. Prey animals tend to have eye spacing that allows to see in nearly all directions at once, the better to see and react to danger it is theorized.  Humans have within the digestive tract three digestive enzymes. Two break down animal proteins and fats very effectively. One, comparably inefficient enzyme breaks down plant matter. For optimal health humans need a balance of both basic nutrition sources.

As for those that hate hunters, and then attempt to heap upon them abuse of all sorts, I have this to say: The animals that you claim to love have in fact had more assistance in surviving, from hunters through taxes paid, and work donated than any other force on earth. Deny that, fine, just come up with the numbers and a reputable citation. Hunters use virtually all of any animal that they harvest wasting very little in the process. Please note that “Poachers” are criminals, not HUNTERS.  Hunters strive for clean kills, and do their best to minimize an animals suffering. Disagree? Fine, come up with any reputable code of ethics directed toward hunters that can be substantiated that states otherwise.

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