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56 Men Of Conviction « ELLIOT LAKE NEWS & VIEWS

October 16, 2007

56 Men Of Conviction « ELLIOT LAKE NEWS & VIEWS

I came across this well researched and finely written piece this morning. It tells the stories of the lessor known signers of the Declaration of Independence.

 I fully expect to get hammered by the Hate America First Brigade, as I also expect the blog that I found this in to be. Having said that; Those men suffered for the freedoms that we enjoy today, many did in fact die for them. These were not, just a bunch of “Old dead white men” as they are so often characterized. They had hopes, and dreams. As well as honor, and no small amount of raw courage.

When, I ask, have the NeoComms ( My term for Neo Communist) done anything that even comes close to what the men written about did?

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