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Who do you believe on Iran? « Carsons Post

October 31, 2007

schumer-weasel.jpgWho do you believe on Iran? « Carsons Post

This would be an interesting piece of work if the theme was not so overwhelmingly anti American. Forget about what President Bush says for a moment. What are ex-patriots from Iran saying? Well? I happen to have met a few of them. They talk of government sanctioned kidnapping, and torture as if it were the norm in the civilized world. Yet we are supposed to listen to the Russians, and negotiate with Iran seemingly forever? What the heck! Even the spineless French are beginning to talk about taking action against Iran.

Then there is indeed, the question about Israel. What law did they break to “illegally” acquire nuclear weapons? By using their collective brains and putting their resources to work for their own survival they broke some law? Who have they threatened to wipe from the face of the Earth?

One might think that the hate America First crowd would also have enough intelligence to realize that when / if America gets stomped by some fascist Islamic group that their collective heads would be adorning some fence post long before they could even begin to establish a Peoples Republic of the United States of America.

Free the Browns from Tyranny!

October 31, 2007

People need to know about things like this. 

Fw: [LPCO] Free the Browns petition End IRS Tyranny

Tue Oct 30, 2007 12:34 pm (PST)

———- Forwarded Message ———-
Please consider signing the following petition. The Browns gained national attention when they armed themselves and held off the feds for eight months. Now it is your turn. Either ask to be shown the law or submit to tyranny.

The petition is for a fair trial in the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals and reads as follows:

Congress shall make no law respecting the right of the people to petition the government for a redress of grievances. (United States Constitution, First Amendment).

The case of United States vs. Edward and Elaine Brown was not about income taxes. For more than a dozen years, they simply asked the Internal Revenue Service to show them the law that specifically makes them liable to pay the federal income tax, all the while stating that if the government could do so, they would gladly pay all income taxes and never question the law again. Instead, the Internal Revenue Service ignored their requests, year after year, although the Browns were constitutionally entitled to an answer. Then, in 2004, after never responding to any of the Browns’ countless requests, the Internal Revenue Service, along with a SWAT team, U.S. marshals, and state and local police, raided Elaine’s office building and took each of the Browns, by force, into custody.

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor. (United States Constitution, Sixth Amendment).

Elaine Brown, representing herself and her husband, Ed, hand crafted more than 50 motions during the course of their trial. All legal experts who read the motions agreed that they were flawlessly written and all within the scope of the law and in accordance with established court procedures. All but a handful of the motions were denied, many without objection from the prosecution or without explanation. The Browns were not allowed to present witnesses, or evidence, or to cite case law. The jury was also instructed to return a verdict based solely on whether or not the Browns paid federal income taxes or filed tax returns for the years in question. Also, the Browns were technically not charged with a crime, they were charged with two penalty clauses. No indictment ever cited a statute that showed the defendants liable to pay an income tax or file a tax return.

Due to the fact that because the Browns’ constitutionally guaranteed rights were not honored, they now sit in prison, separated from each other. Their livelihood has been taken away, their property confiscated, and they have been financially destroyed. When they are finally released from prison, they will be homeless, penniless, unemployed, and in their 70s. No government employee, or public servant, has yet answered their question and showed them the law subjecting them to a federal income tax on their wages.

The Browns are being destroyed for asking a question. Furthermore, the Internal Revenue Service is illegally confiscating more than $3 trillion worth of property and assets for an alleged, and unproven, debt of only $650,000. Our servant government is obligated to answer their question, but instead it locked them up and destroyed their lives. This is unacceptable.

We hereby petition the United States government, specifically the United States Federal Court of Appeals, 1 Courthouse Square, Boston, MA, to reconsider the appellate denial of Edward Lewis and Elaine Alice Brown. We also petition the United States government to cease the seizure of the Browns’ properties and assets until such time that a fair trial, as defined by the United States Constitution, can be executed.

You can sign the petition at

http://www.petitiononline. com/brownirs

To end IRS Tyranny forever pass the Fair Tax to abolish the IRS and Income taxes, then repeal the 16th amendment to make sure it never comes back.

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