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New Black Panther Investigation: epic fail obama lives up to the name

November 27, 2010

Americans have civil rights, all Americans. One of the very few justifiable duties of government, is in fact, protecting those rights.

Under normal circumstances, we look to government to do just that. Rogue agencies like BATFE notwithstanding, and the Department of Justice in particular. Apparently under the epic failure’s administration this cannot be counted upon. Now, this is a really long read, but take your time and read it all the way through.

WHITE HOUSE QUASHES INVESTIGATION of New Black Panther Voter Intimidation

And the fake Indian..?

November 27, 2010

Colorado’s fake Indian, Ward Churchill lost again. Naturally, he blames racism for his being fired. Surly it couldn’t be plagiarism or un-professional conduct…

The Colorado Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court decision denying University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill’s effort to get his job back.

The court ruled that Denver District Judge Larry Naves was right to direct a verdict in favor of the university and to find that the university was entitled to “quasi-judicial immunity.”

For more on the ongoing saga of a fake Indian, and campus bully READ HERE.

Return of the Dumbest Poachers Awards

November 27, 2010

In the first three Poachey award ceremonies celebrated stupidity of the finest order. You’ve been witness to everything from the adventures of robo deer to the misadventures of the sorely mistaken the-law-don’t-check-my-Facebook-page poacher. Ah, such classics.

In a season in which I’ve heard that poachers in Oregon probably take as many mule deer as legal hunters, and Wisconsiners will be reporting game violations via text message, I couldn’t resist putting together another compilation. Even if deer season’s final day is a long way off. And trust me, this isn’t the last you’ve seen of these awards in 2010-11.

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November 27, 2010

DENVER, Colo. – Conner Peitsmeyer, 11, of Aurora probably won’t remember the chill of the 35-degree air on the morning of Nov. 12. What he will remember for a long time is catching the new Colorado state record smallmouth bass.

Conner was fishing at Aurora Reservoir with his dad, Michael Peitsmeyer, in the family’s fishing boat that Friday morning. A few days before, Conner had landed his first ‘big fish’ in the same area, a smallmouth that was more than five pounds. But nothing prepared Conner for the 20¾ inch, 6-pound, 8-ounce monster he would pull from the water that morning.

“We had caught quite a few big bass that week, so we knew they were in there,” said Michael. “When he caught that first big one, Conner told me he was shaking, but he wasn’t sure if it was from the cold or from the excitement.”

Conner’s catch eclipses the previous state record smallmouth, a 21-inch, 5-pound, 12-ounce bass caught by Carl Dewey at Navajo Reservoir in 1993.

The bass isn’t the only state record fish caught at Aurora Reservoir this fall. On Oct. 4, 20-year-old Jessica Walton, landed a 43-pound channel catfish at the reservoir east of Denver.

“Aurora Reservoir has ideal forage conditions to produce very large fish,” said Paul Winkle, DOW aquatic biologist who manages the fishery.  “There’s an outstanding population of crayfish and yellow perch, which provides an excellent food source for fish to grow to enormous sizes.”

In the last decade, the DOW has stocked more than 135,000 fish at Aurora Reservoir, including trout, bass, catfish, walleye and wiper, helping to establish the 640-acre reservoir as one of the state’s most popular fisheries.

The youngest of three brothers, Conner said he loves angling so much that he had saved his birthday and Christmas money to buy his own fishing gear – a medium to light St. Croix graphite rod and a Shimano reel spooled with Berkley Trielene XL 6 pound test line.

The DOW issued Conner Peitsmeyer his Master Angler award certificate and patch, and added the record smallmouth bass to the Colorado State Fishing Records.

“Any time someone lands a new state record, it’s exciting for us,” said Greg Gerlich, DOW fisheries chief.  “It’s even more exciting when it is a youngster that pulls in one of these big fish. This is yet another example of how anyone, regardless of age or experience, can have a great day fishing.”

The DOW tracks fish records by weight in 43 different species categories. Potential record-holders must have a valid Colorado fishing license or be under the age of 16. The fish in question must be weighed on a state-certified scale, and a weight receipt must be signed by a person who witnessed the weighing. The fish, before being frozen, gutted or altered in any way, must be examined and identified by a DOW biologist or wildlife manager before an application is submitted.

To view Colorado’s Fishing Records, please visit the DOW’s website at:

To download photos to accompany this story, use the following links:
Conner and Biologist Paul Winkle
Conner and his state record smallmouth bass
[Note to broadcasters: Connor’s last name is pronounced “PEETZ-my-er.” ]

For more information about Division of Wildlife go to:

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