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FCC Rules taking effect: Blogs beware!

December 1, 2009

As reported earlier the FCC is going to be monitoring blogs now in order to trample on your right to express your self. Oh sure, there are a few disclaimers and such. When the heck has a disclaimer reined in a federal prosecutor, the ATF, or a power mad bureaucrat..?

Read more about this HERE.

Colorado Gun Control law…

May 18, 2009

As I opened up my email this morning I saw where Gov. Bill Ritter vetoed a new law that would have allowed CCW permit holders to forgo yet even more background checks. The article in the Denver Post is surprisingly balanced. A very rare thing for that organization these days. So rare in fact that I have to believe that the Commissars playing at the propaganda, I mean editing game, must have been off sipping lattes as they listened to their fearless leader address the folks at Harvard University when this story hit the wire.

That said, any time that I see Tom Mauser praising something red flags immediately go up the flagpole. He is, after all, a convicted criminal, that supports the taking of civil rights for others convicted of misdemeanors and infractions. As well as ex post facto law. He’s a hypocrite at best, and full blown immoral if taken in the worse sense. His debate against Ari Armstrong on television one night that I watched about a related issue was an eye opener to just how warped his thinking truly is. The comments from his allies on this blog and others over the years reveal just how ill they all are with the affliction of Hopolophobia.

I found the most interesting, and enlightening aspect about this particular issue not so much in the article, but in the comments. Be sure to link over, and read through them. One method of spotting “plants” that I have developed over the years is the phrase “While I generally support…” Insert the right to bear arms, abortion, small government, freedom of speech, and myriad other positions what those people really are is the exact opposite. Hence, I call them plants. Their only reason to being a part of any discussion is to camouflage their true, anti freedom, anti Bill of Rights positions.

This entire argument is not, I repeat not, about Gun Control. That is, at best, a Red Herring. It is about the Bill of Rights, the Colorado Constitution, and Unalienable Rights. Take any part of the package from the whole, and what you have left is a pathway to tyranny. The Democrat / Socialist strategy is the “Death of a thousand cuts.” Bill Ritter just rubbed salt into many of those cuts that have already been inflicted upon the American people, and the people of Colorado in particular. Greg Brophy, and others tried to apply a bandage to the bleeding, and I applaud those that at least tried to help staunch the flow of life from the tree of liberty.


Colorado Media Matters R.I.P.

March 21, 2009

Obituaries are seldom things that are pleasant to write. However sometimes they can be gleeful. Colorado Media Matters went down the tubes this past week. I say good riddance to them. Nothing more than a leftest attack machine that regularly took things out of context, Colorado Media Matters was a disinformation outlet that would have made Stalin proud.

From Ari Armstrong to Gunny Bob few went un-assaulted by the hatemongers at Colorado Media Matters. I posted about them once and got swamped with hate mail, and less than coherent responses filled with curses and vindictive. The following links will tell the tale for any readers.

Jon Caldara

Sean Rima

Caplis & Silverman

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