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An Unknown running for President!

August 28, 2008

Friends, Coloradans, Countrymen! Lend me your ears, for an (almost) unknown (outside EMS circles) man among men is running for President of these United States of America!

A man of immense integrity¬† and strength, he tells Flight Nurses where to go! As well as the occasional Paramedic, Police Officer, Sheriff, and Fire Chiefs! Most often because they are lost, but that is a subject for another day! ūüôā

My friends, this is the man that you want when things get tough! Such as when he was doing a ride along with me, and a rather large drunk at the old Jeffco Detox decided that I would look much better if my nose was sticking out of the back of my head. I simply looked at Chris, and said “Sick’Em!.”¬† A single glance at Chris, and things with the drunk suddenly became easier.

I also know the mans family, and his Father ( May he rest in peace for all eternity, and Mother have always been proud of this country’s heritage. Heck! I mean, his Father used Browning shotguns to hunt with!

Chris Smith



Yes, this is posted in jest. But in all seriousness folks? I can think of a lot worse people being President of these not so United States of America. I could start with Barak Obama, and John McCain.

My name is Patrick Sperry

Once upon a time I was a passing fair Paramedic from Saint Anthony’s Paramedic Program, Cycle 32… God bless you Gerry, where ever you are!

For some reason, I can’t find a link about the Father of Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine right now. I suppose that it is the tears in my eyes. In any case? Vote for Chris Smith for President of the United States of America! Hell, Tom Tancredo doesn’t even answer emails any more…

Denver, and the DNC a Target rich Environment

July 19, 2008

I was speaking with a few former coworkers the other day about the upcoming convention. It appears that yes indeed, there is trouble on the horizon. Paramedics and Firefighters will be targeted just like the police will be by several anarchist groups. Before long I was asked about defensive measures that they could take.

I will not go into specifics here about those moves. Why tip off opponents as to how you are preparing? Operational security is just as important here on what very well prove to be some very mean streets as it is in military planning.

After a bit one guy asked why I thought that the place could become a hell hole in a hand-basket. It really is a simple explanation.

  • The DNC will have concentrated various disparate groups that all have opponents that are willing to use violence as a means of forcing their will upon all of the rest of us.
  • Professional hell raisers are already saying that they will cause civil unrest.
  • Mayor Hickenlooper is a negotiating wimp. He would rather try and talk his way out of a wet paper bag than use a knife to free himself.

So, we will, or very well might have groups that hate major components of the Democrat Party. There are Muslim extremist among us that operate in a state of misogyny. There are Christian extremist that would rather set off a bomb among the homosexuals than pray for them. There are racist groups that will not stand for the possibility of a black President. Then there are groups like recreate68, that just want death and destruction, along with fifteen minutes of fame. There are far right extremist’s that will have Wayne Pachelle and many other people that are on their “ten most wanted ” list.

Now they have moved the final ceremonies to Mile High Stadium at Invesco Field … The place is ; A Snipers dream. A Morter mans dream. A Chemical Weapons fighters dream, and, the list goes on.

Terrorism in America

October 21, 2007

Where do I start..? Some here know of my background, and that may lend some credence to what I say. For others it will hinder that! )
I am a former FEMA Mass Casualty Incident Planner/Trainer among other things. I traveled to Africa,Europe and Israel several times learning about these sorts of things. We developed contingency plans for just about every scenario possible. That the veritable book that was written gets tossed every time something happens is not the fault of the people that prepared for what we know will happen some day. It is the fault of those that have their collective heads stuck in the sand, from Columbine to Katrina, that has been the rule.
It is also true that here in the Denver area, we are a target rich environment, especially what with the DNC being held here next year. I will not comment on what things are being explored as possible responses to the myriad possibilities.
I will comment though that I believe that there is simply not enough being done that would preempt a strike. So bomb dogs are trained differently by different agencies? So what, that is a strength in that it makes it more difficult for the bad guys to learn how to circumvent them. So behavioral studies are not complete? So what, you might just catch some creep that you did train for. So the people of America will burn out on being cautious and reporting suspicious behavior? So what, an awareness campaign just might be key to saving a lot of lives.

Folks, when it comes to our safety and freedom here in America, I simply refuse to lose.

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