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Double Edged Swords and unintended things …

November 18, 2011

Seems that the Concealed Carry reciprocity Bil HR 822 passed by a wide margin. Looks good on the face of things. At least if you support the Constitution and Bill of Rights. However, I submit that this is merely a pig that has been dressed up and had a liberal amount of lipstick applied. It’s still nothing but a pig…

Why so? Because it assumes that the federal Government can assign a right that is preexisting, an inalienable right. Just because Illinois and D.C. are stuck on stupid does not in any way mean that others must follow their lead toward totalitarianism. It would have been much better if the House would have passed a law that said that no State, City, etc. shall deny any right that is defined as inalienable, including the Second Amendment right to be capable of properly and effectively defend oneself, neighbors, State, and Nation. In passing this law, they justify wrongdoing by a government authority, as it were. That said, here is Gun Owners of America’s take on things.

Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill Passes House

Wyoming 113 passes out of the House

February 24, 2010

Yes, someday,I suppose that I will understand the concept of needing some sort of permit or license in order to practice an inalienable right. But, in the meantime this old retired Paramedic simply cannot find the logic embedded in such ideology. This, however, a step in the right direction.

There was a bit of whining by some state legislators about the email strategy employed by WYGO activist (Yes, I am a member, and yes, this blog got a ton of hits when I posted about it.) when, as a point of fact, it is indeed our right, if not our duty, to keep our representatives informed about those issues that we hold dear. Not to mention that it appears,at least so far, to have been a stunning success.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) – The Wyoming House has advanced a bill that would allow residents to carry concealed guns without a permit provided that they can demonstrate they’re familiar with firearms.

The House voted 42-15 on Monday to send House Bill 113 to the Senate.

The House amended the bill to specify that citizens would have to demonstrate their familiarity with guns by passing a certified firearms safety course or have a background of military or police service.

Thermopolis Republican Rep. Lorraine Quarberg says Wyoming residents have a constitutional right to carry guns without government permission.

Full Story

It seems that there was at least some oppisition from the fella that represents the area to my immediate north. Talk about political pandering… The same way that residency is established for everything else attention whore…

IMPORTANT UPDATE JUST IN! Hat Tip to Anthony Bouchard

HB-95 has passed the House and is moving to the Senate.

HB-113 is also moving to the Senate – but has taken a turn for the worst, 31 House members “WATERED DOWN” the legislation with vague language to require training. The “Anti-gun Police Union Lobby” has influenced the legislators to add an onslaught of amendments to kill HB-113 and history tells us they will continue to do so in the Senate. Legislators should realize the “Venomous Anti-gun Lobby” has not been elected by the people!!!  To see the amendments click here

For the record — A review of recent FBI reports of police officer killings reafirms that, police officers are killed by “FELONS AND REPEAT OFFENDERS”. Also many of the deaths were caused directly by the police officers actions, like one in which the officer left his back-up firearm within the reach of a suspect.

We are on to them and will be watching if Wyoming Legislators continue to fall for the same ridiculous arguments against “law abiding” citizens rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution.

This watering down of legislation will be considered as a NO VOTE on pro-gun legislation and will have grave consequences in the upcoming elections.

URGENT – It is imperative that they “CONTINUE TO HEAR YOUR VOICE”.

Our “latest” email form can be filled out quickly and delivers an email to ALL of the Wyoming Senate simultaneously.

Click here – To send an email to all Wyoming Senators.

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