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Mayor Bloomberg; Birds of a feather..?

March 25, 2013

BELLEVUE, WA – Three more names have been added to a veritable rogue’s gallery of current or former members of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns who have run afoul of the law with Thursday’s criminal charges against Marcus Hook, Pa. Mayor James Schiliro, the Second Amendment Foundation said today.
“Mayor Schiliro is one more example of why we started the ‘Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors’ campaign,” said SAF Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb. “He joins recently-convicted former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, and recently-indicted former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, both of whom were MAIG members.”
SAF launched Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors last fall, “and the list keeps growing,” said Gottlieb.
“Schiliro’s case is not only bad, but bizarre,” Gottlieb observed. “He’s been charged with false imprisonment, unlawful restraint, reckless endangerment, serving alcohol to a minor and other crimes, and he also allegedly used more than one gun in this incident, in which at least one shot was fired.
“The allegations against Schiliro creeped me out,” he said. “With associates like this, I can understand why Bloomberg doesn’t trust people with guns.
“According to published reports,” he continued, “Schiliro’s attorney says the mayor has sold his guns and entered alcoholism treatment, but this doesn’t get any traction with me. If the charges against this guy are proven in court, he deserves to have the book thrown at him, same as Mayor Bloomberg would demand if any other gun owner did what police and prosecutors think Schiliro did.
“It is amusing,” Gottlieb added, “that Schiliro – who signed an infamous letter to the U.S. Senate with 600 other mayors – has suddenly disappeared from the MAIG roster on that group’s website.
“Mayor Bloomberg should be more interested in the conduct of MAIG members than trying to pry into the personal lives of gun owners or soda drinkers,” he stated. “If anybody needs a background check, it would be a MAIG member.”
The Second Amendment Foundation ( is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 650,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.

Conspiracy theory? Apparently not!

March 23, 2013

Sandy Hook tragedy that fueled the current hoplophobia round of gun control, restriction of liberty and freedom did not, in fact involve any sort of so called “assault” weapon. This pretty much proves that the whole true issue at stake is freedom and liberty. While implying directly that the government wants a disarmed populace. Our forefathers fought such Tory‘s in the past. It was called The American Revolution.

We are indeed coming very close to a full blown Civil War here in these not so United States of America. The big government nanny state types will be fully to blame. I include them all, from the left as well as the right for what may happen.

Perhaps a recommended reading list will be the subject of an upcoming post…

Chore Boy; It’s not just for smoking Crack anymore! epic fail obama rogue agency back at it again!

March 13, 2013

Right out of the stuck on stupid file comes this.

Chore Boy Scrubber now a “silencer.”

This, from the nanny state bureaucrats that brought you the Waco Holocaust and Ruby Ridge.

A more sensible approach.

People can fight and die for our nation, but have a beer or own a firearm?

Colorado democrats ready for not so civil war it would appear.

As is well known weapon registration, which leads to confiscation, leads to extermination.


VICTORY! Nico Nazi’s Prevail!

June 11, 2009

The Nanny State supporters of Tobacco Prohibition have won yet another round against personal liberty and freedom. This, after just having succeeded in getting the single largest tax increase ever passed in America.This is an issue of personal freedom, and any other argument is nothing more than a red herring.

So just will be your lord and master now? Well, you guessed it! A bunch of know it all elites that take phony science as the real thing. Not to be placated with real science their true intentions become all to clear.

I find it nothing less than hypocritical that so many Tea Party supporters think nothing of taxing those people that they don’t find to be politically correct… Read on…

WASHINGTON – The Senate struck a historic blow against smoking in America Thursday, voting overwhelmingly to give regulators new power to limit nicotine in the cigarettes that kill nearly a half-million people a year, to drastically curtail ads that glorify tobacco and to ban flavored products aimed at spreading the habit to young people.

President Barack Obama, who has spoken of his own struggle to quit smoking, said he was eager to sign the legislation after minor differences with a House version are worked out — and the House planned a vote for Friday. Cigarette foes said the measure would not only cut deaths but reduce the $100 billion in annual health care costs linked to tobacco.

Fierce opposition by the industry and tobacco-state lawmakers had prevented passage for years, along with veto threats by the George W. Bush White House. In the end, the nation’s biggest tobacco company supported the measure, though rivals suggested that was because it could lock in Philip Morris’ share of the market.

Full Story Here

When will this stop? The never ending onslaught of interference in private lives by the government?

Fight the government DNA database of innocent citizens.

May 2, 2009

Colorado Libertarian PSA:

Colorado Senate Bill 09-241, which would mandate the use of government force to take DNA samples from innocent citizens, passed the second reading on the Senate floor Friday afternoon.

This gross expansion of state power is not a partisan issue. Both progressive Democratic Senator Morgan Carroll (D-Aurora) and conservative Republican Bill Cadman (R-Colorado Springs) oppose the bill as an unconstitutional overreaching of state power over the rights of the individual.

Currently, the State collects DNA from everyone convicted of a felony. The bill mandates the collection of DNA samples from everyone merely arrested – not convicted – for a felony. Somewhere along the way, the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” is lost among the bill’s backers.

To many Colorado citizens, however, that fundamental American concept still means something. The Libertarian Party of Colorado, the Colorado ACLU, the Gadsden Society, the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar and the Colorado Public Defenders Office, among others, all oppose this costly Orwellian expansion of government power over innocent citizens.

David K. Williams, Jr., Legislative Director for the Libertarian Party and President of the Gadsden Society is among those against the bill.

“The backers of this bill claim it will help law enforcement. Undoubtedly it would,” Williams said. “So would the repeal of the Fourth Amendment. So would micro chipping newborns so the government knows where they are all at times, from cradle to grave. So would putting video cameras in every house.

“The point is that helping law enforcement is not the only concern Americans should have. Protecting the Constitution and preventing government abuse of power should also be a concern of all Americans.”

According to the latest fiscal note attached to the bill, the DNA collection will cost the State over $2 million in the next fiscal year. There is no reason for this bill to pass, but to incur such an expense when the state is facing a budgetary crisis is madness.

To raise the money to implement this unconstitutional invasion of privacy, the bill imposes a $5 surcharge tacked on top of all traffic infractions. Republican Senator Ted Harvey (R- Highlands Ranch) opposes the bill because of this surcharge. “I do not believe there is a nexus,” he said.

Senator Harvey is correct. There is not.

The bill is set for a final vote in the Senate this week. Contact your Senator and let him know you oppose this Orwellian expansion of state power over innocent citizens.

You can find our State Senator by following these steps:

  1. From this link, choose “Which Districts Are You In?”
  2. Click the “Show Map” button.
  3. Click on the “Find/Change Location” link on the right side menu.
  4. A window will pop up. Type your address, city and zip code and hit the “Find” button.
  5. A map showing your location should appear. At the top of the page there will be your House District number and the name of your representative; your state Senate district number and the name of your state Senator; and your U.S. Congressional district number and the name of your U.S. Representative.

Once you get the name of your State Senator, you can find his/her contact information at this link.

The most recent Fiscal note

The Appropriations Committee Report.


Contact your State Senator now.

Oppose SB 241

Nugent electrifies

April 27, 2009

Leave it to the Brother of Blood to tell it like it is!

Nugent Electrifies Gun-Rights Backers

By Bradley Vasoli, The Bulletin
Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring had arrived in earnest, the sun shone brightly and the sky was clear as sportsmen rode up the verdant woods to practice shooting and archery last Saturday. The Commonwealth Foundation’s Live Free PA event couldn’t have come happened on a better weekend.

That’s not just because of the weather. The men and women who arrived at the Eltonsville Sportsmen’s Association came to celebrate their right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment. The Commonwealth Foundation began planning the event about a year ago, but it happened to land on a date just a few weeks after Gov. Ed Rendell, D, began a new push for more gun control.

After target practice around midday, rock songwriter and guitarist Ted Nugent spoke to the Live Free participants, as he pushed back against recent calls for greater restrictions on gun rights. Consistent with his reputation, he was articulate and upbeat.

“Your life is a precious gift from God,” he said. “You deserve, and I believe we have a duty to protect and defend it.”

Recent high-profile crimes, particularly police shootings in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, have boosted the case for gun control in the eyes of some public officials. Mr. Nugent asked Americans to consider how firearms be more part of the solution than the problem.

He said jurisdictions in the United States with looser gun laws have lower crime rates than those that don’t. His assertion is backed by some prominent researchers, such as the University of Maryland’s John Lott. Mr. Nugent urged citizens to consider the good that gun ownership has done many crime victims.

“Anti-gunners side with rapists,” the musician and sportsman told his audience. “Either you like the rapists shot, or you like the rapists raping.”

He also said the push to limit gun purchases in cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh ignores the experience of other cities. Chicago, he noted, has enacted gun control to become an essentially “gun-free zone,” but has nonetheless seen crime rates skyrocket.

“Ed Rendell sees the dead bodies and wants more of this,” Mr. Nugent said. “I’m a different species. I don’t like increased innocent death. I like decreased innocent death.”

Mr. Rendell has won the support of police unions and other law-enforcement organizations for his the anti-gun case, but Mr. Nugent said he would have less success if he sought the backing of rank-and-file officers.

“In the vast majority of the instances,” he said, the anti-gun officers are “bureaucrats and desk jockeys.”

He has some firsthand knowledge of law enforcement, having served as a deputy sheriff in Michigan and a deputy constable in Texas.

After rousing the fervor of several dozen gun-rights supporters, he gave them a demonstration of his archery skills, refined by decades of practice. He landed several arrows perfectly on three targets shaped like a turkey, a deer and a bear.

It was a unique setting for a Commonwealth Foundation event. The organization spends most of its time defending Pennsylvanians’ economic liberties. But the think tank’s president, Matthew Brouillette, said “the other freedoms that we’ve got under attack” deserve attention as well.

“We don’t need a nanny state to tell us how to live,” he said. “We’re free Americans and should be treated as such by our government.”


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