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The economy is better: More epic fail obama

September 17, 2010

“What would probably get the economy recovering fastest and most completely would be for the President of the United States and Congressional leaders to shut up and stop meddling with the economy. But it is virtually impossible that they will do that. … If the stimulus isn’t working, the true believers have to believe that it is only because it hasn’t been tried long enough, or with enough money being spent. There are always calls for the government to ‘do something’ when things are going bad. Those who make such calls have almost never bothered to check out what actually happens when the government does something, as compared to what happens when the government does nothing. It is not just free market economists who think the government can make a mess bigger with its interventions. … The history of the United States is full of evidence on the negative effects of government intervention. For the first 150 years of this country’s existence, the federal government did not think it was its business to intervene when the economy turned down. All of those downturns ended faster than the first downturn where the federal government intervened big time — the Great Depression of the 1930s. … There is another set of facts: The record that was set in 1929 for the biggest stock market decline in one day was broken in 1987. But Ronald Reagan did nothing — and the media clobbered him for it. Then the economy rebounded and there were 20 years of sustained economic growth with low inflation and low unemployment. Can you imagine Barack Obama doing another Ronald Reagan? I certainly wouldn’t predict that.” –economist Thomas Sowell


Jon, the baptist…

December 10, 2009

Okay,the debate rages on… is,  Jon Caldara the new John the Baptist? I would contend that, in fact, he is not! Jon, after all does double bend overs that incite lust among the female staff at The Independence Institute!

Read on…

Beware! Evil Lurks in Teachers Refunds: Those of us who are not bleeding heart, emotional hippies are used to being called names: selfish, mean spirited, malicious, greedy and sometimes even, Jon Caldara. So it comes as no surprise that the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) president calls us “sinister” in a recent letter to his members. An excerpt from the letter,

“Dear DCTA member, BEWARE: You may have gotten a letter from the Independence Institute explaining how you can drop your Every Member Option (EMO) contribution to DCTA/CEA. It reads like a public service message telling you how to save money. But the motives behind the message are much more sinister.”

Well, I’m sorry unions. I’m a sinister kind of guy. therefore I am going to provide some resources to the teachers of Colorado, so that they might learn how to obtain the EMO refund, which can be up to $63. Along with our Independent Teachers website that houses a boatload of information on the refund, we made a video and recorded a podcast discussing the finer points of the refund. I think we’ve taken sinister to a whole new level.

Second Amendment Royalty on Wow, I’m still in awe. I just finished listening to this epic podcast with Dave Kopel interviewing none other than Alan Gura himself! Or as Dave refers to Mr. Gura, “the Luke Skywalker of the Second Amendment.” Gura is the man behind the DC v. Heller Supreme court gun rights victory. Now Mr. Gura is taking on the new McDonald v. Chicago Supreme Court case. This case will decide whether the Second Amendment is enforceable at the state and local level via the 14th Amendment. In other words, this case is hugely important! Give a listen here.

Northern Colorado Invasion: Our transparency super-star Amy Oliver-Cooke is leading the invasion of Northern Colorado in the battle of ideas. Check her out this week in the Fort Collins Coloradoan as she lays out the “unimaginative failure” of Colorado’s Long Term Fiscal Stability commission.

Kopelization: If you support the Second Amendment and the right of self-defense, then you definitely don’t want to miss Research Director Dave Kopel’s newest book, Aiming for Liberty: The past, present and future of freedom and self-defense. The perfect stocking stuffer for the true civil libertarian.

Oh Canada: Our recent trip to Canada in search of real people with real stories of Canada’s version of Obama Care inspired this video on Obama Care and medical innovation, with a special shout out to us. Well, the good folks at reason have put out yet another video including footage shot at our Canada trip. Check out this heartbreaking story of Canadian citizen Cheryl Baxter’s nightmare experience with Canada’s single payer health care system, and how she finally got the surgery she needed here in the states. It also includes some great insight from our friends up north at the Fraser Institute.

Must Hear Podcast: The transition for the Denver school board was going to be tough enough, but then newly elected Andrea Merida took things to a whole new level when she decided to be sworn in early and bounced off outgoing board member Michelle Moss just before key votes on the district’s reform plan were made. Over at, Education News Colorado editor, and eye witness, Alan Gottlieb joins Ben DeGrow to recount the dramatic confrontation and discusses what might be in store from the DPS Board in the future.

Check it out here.

Must See TV: On This week’s Independent Thinking, Colorado State Senator Ted Harvey and Kevin Miller from the National Freedom Initiative join me to talk about the conflict between social conservatives and the freedom movement, or as Kevin puts it, “Freedom nationally, virtue locally.” Tune in this Friday night at 8:30 p.m. to KBDI Channel 12; repeated the following Monday afternoon at 1:30 p.m.

Perspective: In this week’s op-ed, Jessica Peck-Corry suggests that Governor Ritter “should write a guidebook on how to buy a top post in his administration.” She’s talking about the Governor’s Energy Office.

Money quote from the piece: “Ritter’s defenders may believe that global warming represents a universal concern that should be held above the political fray. But talk to the residents of western Colorado, many of whom are out-of-work energy workers displaced by the toxic mix of a faltering economy and anti-energy public policy.”

Check out the whole thing here.

Until next week…

Straight on

Jon Caldara

Do you want bureaucrats to rewrite laws?‏

November 24, 2009

The whack job moon bats are at it again, or maybe they never stopped. The global warming scandal reported on recently should be a real heads up for anyone that still believes in man made global warming. Nevertheless, people that should know better are still at it.

Here’s my take on this: SAVE THE POLAR BEARS! At least long enough for me to make Boone and Crockett with one!

The Environmental Protection Agency is rewriting the Clean Air Act, without Congressional involvement! Our Write the Laws Act would prevent this kind of unconstitutional rule-making by Executive Branch bureaucrats. Please send Congress a letter telling them to pass the Write the Laws Act.

You can copy or borrow from my letter to Congress . . .

Here’s a perfect example of why I want you to introduce the Write the Laws Act.

The Supreme Court ruled in Massachusetts v. EPA that . . .

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) must regulate greenhouse gases under the CAA (Clean Air Act).

But the CAA says nothing about greenhouse gases!

The CAA must be changed by Congress, NOT by the Judicial Branch, or by Executive Branch bureaucrats.

Only Congress has the Constitutional power to make rules that control my life. The Write the Laws Act would help you to obey this Constitutional requirement. But — as it stands now — the EPA is rewriting the law to . . .

* Classify greenhouse gases as pollutants
* Raise the trigger-point for regulatory control of this new class of “pollutants”
* Create a legal double-standard between big and small emitters of greenhouse gases

All of this contradicts the CAA as written by Congress. This unconstitutional legislating by unelected bureaucrats is going to create a legal and economic mess. The result will be . . .

* Years of litigation by large emitters challenging the special treatment given to small emitters
* Stunted economic growth as businesses cope with legal uncertainty during the litigation process

The Write the Laws Act would prevent this kind of mess by . . .

* Prohibiting the Judicial and Executive branches from making-up rules on their own
* Preserving the checks and balances required for Constitutional rule-making
* Protecting the right of the people to elect or un-elect the people who make their rules

If the people’s representatives in Congress were in charge of regulatory policy . . .

* There would be fewer legal challenges against bureaucratic overreach
* Businesses could rely on settled laws passed by Congress, instead of constantly adjusting to ever-changing bureaucratic dictates

The Supreme Court has no Constitutional authority to tell the Executive Branch to rewrite laws passed by Congress. Bureaucratic rule-making is both unconstitutional and impractical. Only Congress should have legislative authority. Show me you take your oath to support and defend the Constitution seriously. Introduce’s Write the Laws Act.


You can send your letter using’s Educate the Powerful System.

Remember that the more people who read this message, the more likely we will be victorious.

* For social bookmarkers and networkers, here’s a tinyurl for this message:
* A monthly pledge or generous one-time contribution furthers’s reach, and Congress feels it. You can make a difference on our secure contribution page.

Let’s Downsize DC!

Jim Babka
President, Inc. is sponsored by, Inc. — a non-profit educational organization promoting the ideas of individual liberty, personal responsibility, free markets, and small government.  Operations office: 1931 15th St. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223, 202.521.1200

Free People, Free markets

June 3, 2008

This is interesting to say the least. I2I is putting on a series of classes that will put the shame to anything offered at Colorado State University in Boulder, at least that is currently being offered.

It is also a shameless plug for the Independence Institute. They seem to be the only ones that still have brains, and use them for the betterment of all Coloradans.

By now we’re all privy to CU’s consideration with getting a visiting chair in conservative thought and policy in order to cultivate some intellectual diversity on campus. Or at the very least, have one highly paid target to throw pies at. It has been covered in the Rocky, the Post, the Associated Press, and even in a NY Times opinion piece. Ostensibly the position would be rotating, and would feature high profile conservatives with strong ideological backbones. For example, names like Bill Kristol, George Will, and Condi Rice have been kicked around. For the record, I’m still waiting to be asked. Anyway, in the meantime I wish there was some outlet, some class that embodied the type of conservative, free-market perspective CU is going for….

….. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that’s right! Our Free People, Free Markets class! A class that features so much “intellectual diversity,” it has a disclaimer that reads, “if you live, or have lived in Boulder, please be aware. What you hear in the classroom might induce a conniption fit or make your head explode.”

For those thinking of attending, don’t think, just do it. It will change your life. The class will take place for five consecutive Saturdays here at the Institute, from 9am to noon, beginning July 12th and going to August 9th. You can reserve your spot by either calling Kay at 303.279.6536 or emailing

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