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Political Correctness on steroids: The Political Correctness Bomb That Exploded At Fort Hood

November 10, 2009

Hat Tip to Texas Fred. Political correctness is a demon that tries the patience of the best of us. For my part, it the epitome of dishonesty.

Read on;

The Political Correctness Bomb That Exploded At Fort Hood

By Edward L. Daley

Nidal Malik Hasan is an Islamic terrorist who, with premeditation and contempt for our military’s anti-terrorist mission in the Middle East, murdered 13 American servicemen and women, and wounded 30 more at Fort Hood, Texas last week. To refer to him as something other than an Islamic terrorist is to ignore the painfully obvious facts surrounding the case, yet that is precisely what the leaders of the American leftist movement, and their sycophantic drones in the news media, are doing.

They are intentionally ignoring the fact that he has been a vocal critic of our nation’s war against Islamic terrorism, even going so far as to argue with soldiers under his psychiatric care against the very mission to which they’ve devoted their lives.

They are intentionally ignoring the fact that he attended the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Great Falls, Virginia at the same time that two of the September 11 terrorists did, and has stayed in contact with its hate-preaching, imam, Anwar al-Awlaki, even though the radical terrorist recruiter has since fled to Yemen.

They are intentionally ignoring the fact that he is a Muslim extremist who handed out copies of the Quran prior to his vicious and unprovoked attack on our nation’s bravest men and women.

They are intentionally ignoring the fact that he shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the massacre, a phrase routinely exclaimed by Islamic terrorists while committing just such atrocities.

To argue that Mr. Hasan was not, as far as we know, a member of an organized terrorist group, is entirely irrelevant when considering the nature of who he is and the obvious motivation behind his heinous actions.

He is clearly sympathetic to the cause of the Islamofascists that his fellow soldiers combat on a daily basis, and has time and again exhibited a sincere disdain for America’s war policies.

The fact that Mr. Hasan is an Islamic terrorist is not in question, at least not to anyone with a functioning brain and the ability to view events objectively. He is a Muslim and he did commit an act of terrorism as sickening as any other. CASE CLOSED!

What is in question, however, is a system which has allowed so obvious a threat as he to exist within the U.S. military; nay, to do more than exist; to advance with uncommon speed to the rank of Army Major!

And what is the unmistakable flaw in that system? Rampant political correctness. Our defenses have not been weakened by a lack of understanding on our part of the enemy’s ideological worldview, intentions or methods of operation. We know exactly who we’re facing, what they want and how they intend to accomplish their goals.

The fault lies with those military commanders and their counterparts in the political realm who have chosen to forgo the rational courses of action associated with the concept of self-preservation, all in the name of multiculturalism.

In essence, it is we who have blown a gaping hole in our own defenses, for no better reason than to appear ethnically and culturally tolerant to the rest of the world, and it is we who must seal that hole as soon as humanly possible.

We have allowed the cancer of political correctness to permeate every aspect of our society for at least a generation, and now it has settled in the last bastion of hope for liberty and justice in the world, the United States armed forces. Advanced by enemy spies, political cowards and traitors alike, this weapon of mass delusion is as dangerous to America’s survival as anything the Islamofascists can throw at us. The true horror of this particular weapon is that we created it, and it is only we who can be harmed by it.

Sourced via an email.
Read about the Author HERE

The average American commits about three federal felonies per day

October 25, 2009

A few years ago I posted about all the laws that keep going on the books. I posited then, and still do that laws are rarely, if ever removed. Scare tactics are bread and butter for politicians irrespective of party affiliation.

Prosecutors and police have a vast array of statutes with which to send you off to the poky for an extended stay. Use of government power as a social engineering tool has a rather long and sordid history. From the racist based gun control laws to laws designed by better then thous to protect you from yourself they just keep piling them on. Political correctness, as embodied in various new laws that push agenda after agenda throttle freedom and liberty while supposedly protecting the same. Sexism, racism, and matters of equality seem to be the ticket to framing most of the newer tools of oppression, and don’t forget “acceptable” religion.

Framing certain unacceptable behavior’s as misdemeanors is a tactic often employed as of late. Along with attached felony penalties of course. Please note, that in most, if not all states, you can get a pardon for felony crimes if you clean your act up. However, for infractions and misdemeanors the situation is different. You are stuck with those penalties for life. Even when there is a mechanism in place for what is basically a pardon, it is most often at the whim of the prosecutors and court that convicted the person. Fat chance of that happening. They want the feathers in their war bonnets. While at the same time exposing their social cowardice for not having actually taken the person to task by convicting them of a felony.

“There’s no way to rule innocent men.
The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals.
Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them.
One declares so many things to be a crime
that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”

Ayn Rand

To that end Reason magazine has an article up that is, for the most part pretty accurate. Aside from their illogical comment on illegal immigration. Read that in it’s entirety HERE.

California Politics, it’s not just the budget

July 4, 2009

More than thirty years ago I left my birth state because things like no work, huge taxes, and what I considered to be corruption in favor of special interest groups was destroying what once was a very decent place to live, and raise a family.

Those special interest groups played the race card, the union card, and the gender card most often, but there were other things as well. So now, what was once the sixth largest economy in the entire world (if memory serves me correctly) is broke financially. Not to mention morally, and no, I’m not talking about bikini clad women and Hollywood. I’m talking about a refusal to honor what had been one of the strongest individual rights state constitutions in the union. Look at the flag of California, it says California Republic. That concept has been denigrated by social “progressives” and the politically correct. What has happened to California will be coming to your state soon if that sort of thing is allowed to continue. This is something for any and all to be thinking about today, Independence Day 2009.

My good bloging buddy BZ unloads about all this:

Ever since I’ve lived here (23years) I’ve noticed a couple things that I always thought would ruin a great state.
1. An over abundance of Mexican Nationals. (OK I’ll wait for the gasp and the cries of Racist……Done yet?.. Ok lets move on)

The reason I say that is, when you get such a culture switch as California has endured over the past 30 years, you end up with an area that resembles what the immigrants left. Take a look at LA. Mayor Antonio Villiaragosa is as corrupt as any politician in Mexico. Look at the education system, the health care system of California is a clear cut case of a good idea entrapped by corruption. in 1986 Reagan granted Amnesty to the Illegal Immigrants that were here already with a promise to curb the flood of future illegals. That didn’t happen, so now we have the “Original Illegals” that have MULTIPLIED and destroyed what little infrastructure was left, including Education, and Health-Care. On top of that we have the next generation of illegal’s waiting for Obama to grant Amnesty,  so they can follow in the foot steps of their forefathers….Now; for the first time in my life I am very worried for our nation. I honestly believe we are headed down the road to ruin.

When the IOU’s quit being honored, possibly as soon as July 11th, there will be an explosion in California that will have consequences from coast to coast. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of nutjobs to go around in this state, and they are ALL NOT MEXICAN, but if you look at a few undeniable stats like “Welfare recipients” and “Prison racial breakdowns” as well as education statistics. Facts are facts. Look it up. Look at the hispanic UPTICK that corresponds with the state “Downturn”. Look at who raises the biggest stink when there is mention of school performance measures… They say it’s not fair, it’s because the classes are too big, or whatever….ITS THE EXPLOSION IN MEXICAN NATIONALS that has created that “Environment”…

I am not being racist because I notice the obvious, if you are offended it’s because you are in denial of the obvious.

So you ask how do you fix it? Let me tell you how easy it is. YOU QUIT MAKING IT EASY! Americans are people that overcome hardship, Americans are people that deal with things, find sollutions and get better, Americans USED to do that. NOW in California, if you don’t speak english, we make it easy for you, we make those that don’t speak spanish listen to a bi-lingual teacher re-read an assignment in spanish for you. We have signs in spanish we have everything for you so you really have no reason to learn english… Everyone suffers for that kindness. We have made an entire generation of immigrants into drooling zombies (Better known as Democrat voters) by allowing them the ability to remain MEXICANS first, rather than TRUE Americans, that believe in GOD, Family and Country. The new generation believes in “Gang, 40’s, and Ho’s” there is no “Patriotism” other than on Cinco De Mayo for the most part. Now there is one caveat.. ALL Mexican’s do not deserve this rant, if you are a hard working family, including your kids, you speak english, you don’t fly your Mexican flag and you consider yourself AMERICAN first… This rant is not about you or anyone like you. ITs about those that have sucked the life out of California by being what they left.

(/end rant)

2. Over Regulation. You look at the resources and possibility for employers to call California home, yet why do they leave? They leave because of Cal EPA, they leave because of Cal OSHA they leave because of the taxes levied on them they leave because of the HIGH cost of employing people. Our State Government is punishing the very folks it needs. They make really cute commercials showing how wonderful it is here…BUT they leave out the real reason we have the nations highest unemployment rate. REGULATIONS. The wonderful beaches, are HOMELESS encampments for the most part the mountains are great for “Green stuff” like Hiking and skiing but try to go hunting and fishing, or try to show your kids how to live off the land and see how much red tape you have to go through. Try to get a business license for something around here and you will see real quick why business are again EXITING STAGE RIGHT>

3. Crime rates, recividism, and the lack of public outrage when laws were passed regarding personal rights. When the Anti-Gun morons in California decided to pass these “Little” laws that didn’t really affect “ME” at the time were enacted, then there was a small outrage. It was the NRA that made their voces heard in Sacramento but they had little support in the form of public outrage. We simply kept working, kept enjoying the scenery and kept looking out for “Numero uno”….NOW we can’t buy much more than a pea shooter or we can buy it but only after CONSTITUTIONALLY ILLEGAL Government intrusion. We must submit to countless privacy invasion, now they are going to stamp ammo…any outrage yet?
So Sacramento has successfully restricted INNOCENT LAW ABIDING CALIFORNIA citizens in their right to self preservation, you then make laws and judgments that give the criminals advantages in courts. Oh and lets not forget their treatment behind bars, cable tv, weight rooms and “Networking Opportunities” that make the small time criminal come out stronger, more street smart and more well connected than when he went in. And then for shits and giggles lets take a few more cops off the streets when budgets need cutting….

4. When Arnie took office I HAD HOPE! That soon faded after I realized that he had NO HELP in the state house, he tried some good things and it was HAMMERED by the libtard elites, the very powerful unions and the ever present ACLU and LA-RAZA folks. they were able to stop a lot of plans Arnie had when he first took office that MAY have allowed CALIFORNIA to remain above this HISTORY MAKING DEBT! He had good ideas that would have stopped some of the illegal immigration SUCKING at the state teet. He had business friendly ideas he touted on his campaign to oust Davis, He had tried and true REAGAN type common sense sollutions to the problem of businesses leaving. WELL that didn’t last long, the Kennedy hand up his ass was obviously very strong and it took his nuts and turned them into small grapes…(Either that or steroids) So here we are— FUCT.

So for those of you not in California, stay tuned.. this will be interesting. Trust me, IF/When the shit does hit the fan, you will know I’m knee deep in the middle of it by the body count on roads headed South East.  First SOB tries to get in my way ends up on my bumper like a deer carcas….

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Cap and Trade, a failure on all counts

June 30, 2009

The nefarious forces that are beholden to political correctness and pseudo-science this week scored a victory for the hate America first group in an overt attempt to destroy what is left of the economy. Apparently, real science, as presented by a premier wordpress blog, Wattsupwiththat, mean nothing.

“The Heritage Foundation’s senior policy analyst for energy and environment, Ben Lieberman, has produced a stellar paper on [the cap and trade bill]… Based on available evidence and analysis, Lieberman concludes ‘that both the seriousness and imminence of anthropogenic global warming has been overstated.’ But even if we assume the problem is as bad as the hysterics claim, the proposed bill ‘would have a trivial impact on future concentrations of greenhouse gases. …[It] would reduce the earth’s future temperature by 0.1 to 0.2 degree C by 2100, an amount too small to even notice.’ The bill would bind only the U.S., not other nations, many of which, like China, are ‘polluting’ at a record pace. Also note that many European nations that have already imposed similar emissions restrictions have seen their emissions rise. But what would the costs be for this quixotic legislative paean to earth goddess Gaia? Contrary to the flawed analyses being advanced by the bill’s proponents, Heritage estimates that the direct costs would be an average of $829 per year for a household of four, totaling $20,000 between 2012 and 2035. But when considering the total cost as reflected in the cost of allocations and offsets, the average cost to that family unit would be $2,979 annually from 2012 to 2035. Adding insult and hypocrisy to injury, the bill would hurt the poor the worst because they would bear a disproportionate burden of the higher energy costs the bill would trigger. Now here’s the kicker. The bill is also projected to harm the manufacturing sector and cause estimated ‘net’ job losses, averaging about 1.15 million between 2012 and 2030. The overall gross domestic product losses would average $393 billion per year from 2012 to 2035, and the cumulative loss in gross domestic product would be $9.4 trillion by 2035. The national debt for a family of four would increase by $115,000 by 2035. Enough already. Throw the bums out.” –columnist David Limbaugh

Wyoming takes a step forward

March 8, 2009

Wyoming took a giant step forward by changing the effects of a law that was passed without a vote, in the dark of the night by the forces of mysandry and political correctness. Just this past week the cowards of the Supreme Court failed to address the immoral as well as blatantly un-Constitutional ex post facto Lautenberg Domestic Violence Act.

CHEYENNE — Wyoming residents accused or convicted of domestic violence may find it easier to regain their federal gun rights thanks to recent action by the state Legislature.


Freudenthal said he’s comfortable that judges will be able to review people’s conduct for five years after a conviction before considering their expungement requests. “I think that gives you a pretty good chance to look at it, and evaluate their conduct,” he said Thursday.

Full Story

Million Gun Owner March ReDux?

February 11, 2009

This just out; I have to wonder if the word meisters of Newspeak, aka political correctness have become involved.

UPDATE Feb 9, 2009 — by Skip Coryell

We’ve been getting lots of feedback on our name “Million Gun Owner March” and we are listening to you and taking your comments and suggestions seriously. Your input is important to us. After all, this is a movement of the people; it doesn’t belong to us. It moves and breathes and gets its being from “We the People” who give it life and make it live.

Many of you have expressed concern that the name “Million Gun Owner March” implies that people will be marching on Washington DC fully armed and ready to launch an armed takeover. At first I was skeptical, but then I did an internet search and started reading what people were saying across the other forums, and there is merit to what you’re saying. People aren’t reading it as “Million Gun Owner March” but as “Million Gun March”.

Also, we are getting a lot of email from people who don’t own guns, but still want to support us. They believe in the Second Amendment, but just choose, for a myriad of reasons, not to own them. We respect that and want them to feel welcome here. We need as much support as we can get if we’re going to make this march work.

Because of this, we have decided to change our name to “Second Amendment March”. We are still early in this process, so if we’re going to change, then now is the time.

Once again, thanks for your input and your support, and welcome to the “Second Amendment March”.


Misandry and the Supreme Court

December 18, 2008

Misandry as expressed by in the various laws passed by people like Patricia Schroeder exhibit the pure hatred that some people have for the Constitution.

One more than significant part of that hatred was the love affair with things like ex post facto law as an inextricable portion of the notorious Lautenberg Domestic Violence Amendment to the Gun Control Act of 1968.

True to form this abomination of Anglo American Law was passed without a vote by sneaking it into a completely different budget vote without any debate.

This is poor law, it was poorly written, then  re-written by regulatory fiat via the rogue agency BATFE. It uses ex post facto penalties. It takes inalienable rights away for less than felony behaviors. It does so for life.

Finally, the Supreme Court is taking up at least part of this assault on common sense and the Constitution. The question however is not one of law, it is one of whether they will bow to political correctness.


This is a long read, and filled with terminology that only Lawyers could love…

O.J. gets juiced…

December 5, 2008

O.J. Simpson was sentenced today for crimes against the people of Nevada. The judge was pretty lenient in her sentencing. No doubt at least part of that was pure political correctness.

Here is what I am waiting to see. Will the Federals go after him and stick him with the ten year minimum for any crime committed with a gun. I doubt it, after all he is not a Border Patrol Agent doing his sworn duty…

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October 31, 2008

The forces of misandry have spread their doctrine of hatred like a metastatic cancer. Thoroughly trouncing the Constitution in the process. Nearly every day we hear about “abuses” at Gitmo. But, I ask, what about those same things that have been going on right here in America for years? How is it that the American people have stood by while these forces of hatred have imposed de facto sexist ex post facto law? This immoral law has been used as a stepping stone toward passing other laws that restrict, or deny rights to people based upon such trivial things as not paying parking tickets. Hence the need to once again post about this deadly threat to the American way of life.

A report put out by RADAR (Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting) entitled “An Epidemic of Civil Rights Abuses: Ranking of States’ Domestic Violence Laws” ranks New Jersey’s domestic violence statute as one of the laws “most likely to violate the civil rights of persons accused of domestic violence.” Nevertheless, New Jersey’s statute is not an anomaly, as a review of the report and another RADAR report, “Perverse Incentives, False Allegations, and Forgotten Children“, reveals. Political scientist Stephen Baskerville’s online report “Family Violence in America: The Truth about Domestic Violence and Child Abuse” makes it clear that false allegations of domestic violence and the legal system that rewards them is not only a national problem, but an international one as well. His book, Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family, confirms this. Just released by Cumberland House, it cites as an example of the national problem a shocking statistic put out by the Department of Justice: “a restraining order is issued every two minutes in Massachusetts.”

Big Media probably won’t report on the problem anytime soon. It’s therefore up to bloggers, podcasters, and You Tubers to expose the due process fiasco that media silence has allowed to persist.

Read the full story here: Gitmo at Home

While that article deals primarily with New Jersey virtually every state as a mirror system that specializes in the destruction of lives based upon political correctness and misandry. Not to mention prosecutors that care little for what is right or wrong. Indeed, they only care about getting another feather for their war bonnet.

Domestic violence is a real problem. The taking of civil rights for less than felonious behavior by omnipotent government agencies is a tragedy( If not outright treason.). If these people are so evil, then why were they not tried as felons? Why turn Anglo American law on it’s head by allowing for the rules and penalties to be changed after the fact. Why allow felons to be allowed to have their rights restored, but not misdemeanor or even people convicted of infractions? This situation is about hate, power, and political correctness. Not about wife beating or any of the other red herrings that get infused into the issue.

Senate Bill 200 Colorado

July 4, 2008

SB 200 which was passed here in Colorado is really bad legislation. I base this upon basic morality, and the violent response of so many people that called into the Caplis and Silverman Shoh on KHOW and The Gunny Bob Show on KOA radio programs.

Stiff right Jab did an excellent piece about this, and I certainly cannot improve on it, hence the link.

In any case, I contacted my State Representative Gwyn Green’s office, about this. The conversation with a staffer went something like this.

“I don’t believe that you folks really looked at thisin it’s entirety.” How so? The person responded. I said that they had not properly calculated the cost of this new statuate. The person replied that, indeed they had, fully. To which I said, but you haven’t addressed all the new prison space and associated costs involved. They asked what on earth I was talking about. I responded that from listening to all the talk shows that there very well might be a flurry of homocides and major assaults on the people that decide to test the waters by going into school restrooms by family members that just plain will not put up with that sort of behavior.

They hung up the phone …

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