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The Supreme Court on Crack!

June 16, 2014

Once again the Supreme Court has issued a ruling so bizarre that one must think that they are on drugs… But, this is the very same court that ruled ex post facto law does not violate the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

The Straw Purchase Law was created to stop people from supplying weapons to felons and criminal cartels, period.

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Musings After Midnight — Drastic Action: A Proposal and a Critique

August 22, 2013

Probably going to turn this into a series. Should have done that a long time ago.

Well, good evening, my good friends, and welcome to another segment of Musings After Midnight. I hope all of you are well, which is more than I can say for myself. Another bout with inflammation of the eyes has beset me of late, stemming from an underlying inflammatory condition that can effect multiple body systems. This, of course, carries with it some rather peculiar difficulties that must be worked around.

But over all, the situation is improving with treatment, although progress is rather slow.

Summer is now in its final days, and here in the South we have been abundantly blessed with one of the mildest seasons I ever remember. In fact, I never remember a summer that has been this unseasonably mild. Rarely has the temperature gone above 90 degrees, which for this area is highly unusual. We have also been the recipients of an amazing amount of rainfall, totally obliterating a drought that has beset us for several years and shattering rainfall records that have stood in place for nearly a century.

If all summers could be like this in this area, I would have no complaints about the weather, although my heart does go out to those who have been hit with flooding. I could do without this much rain, but the temperatures have been wonderful.

And now, down to business.

Things have gotten demonstrably worse politically since we last met together. Obama not only continues to ignore the Constitution but has doubled down in his disdain for its provisions, particularly its clear limitations on executive power. He has made a complete mess out of foreign policy, pushing through and exploiting a precarious situation in Egypt to get a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in power, and now sides with that terrorist organization against the military that ousted him and seeks to maintain stability in a nation that is precariously close to disintegrating into Islamic extremism along the lines of Iran, Libya, and Yemen.

On the home front, Obama defied the Constitutional mandate for presidents to follow the law by granting a delay to the implementation of the employer mandate in his infamous and unconstitutional ObamaCare program. The law he and his cronies wrote expressly fixes the date of implementation. Yet by executive fiat he decides that he will delay the implementation of the employer mandate while refusing to grant the same delay to the individual mandate. This is a clear violation of the law, a violation of the Constitution, and is a high crime/misdemeanor.

In the midst of all of this, Congress does nothing. We already know that Senate Democrats, who control that chamber, are worthless. But now we know that the Republican leadership in the House — Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy — are just as worthless.

As I have stated before in previous Musings After Midnight, the ballot box has completely failed us at this point. So-called “Tea Party” candidates turn out to be complete duds once they get in office, except for Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul.

But one major development that has occurred since the last time we talked is that at least one major conservative thinker has concluded the same thing we have, that the electoral process in America today has failed. The difference is that he has a more orderly Constitutional process for correcting it.

First, I want to consider the proposal and then offer a critique.

Mark Levin, radio talk show host, attorney, and former member of the Reagan Administration, has just released a new book that shot up to number one on the Amazon best seller list called, The Liberty Amendments. Already the book has created quite a stir in the conservative/libertarian world. Some have immediately slammed the book and its proposals while others have enthusiastically embraced them.

Levin’s basic premise is that the Constitution itself has provided a remedy for predicaments exactly like ours when the ballot box has failed us. And make no mistake. Levin agrees that the ballot box has failed. He has lambasted the president, the Congress, and the Supreme Court for their systemic failures to uphold the very Constitution they are sworn to protect and defend. And he also debunks the notion that merely electing more conservatives to Congress will correct the problem, or that electing a conservative president with a conservative Congress will correct it.

As we have seen over the past 12 years, any Tom, Dick, and Harry can sound and act like a conservative to get elected or even to get appointed to the Supreme Court. George W. Bush and a Republican Congress (2001-2006) are prime examples. Can you say, Patriot Act? And John Roberts at the Supreme Court is perhaps the joke of the centuries.

So, what are citizens to do in order to stop this brazen tyranny and get the nation back on course? If another election or two are not guaranteed to do the trick, then what will?

Levin proposes a list of amendments to the Constitution that he calls “the liberty amendments.” And how does he propose to get these amendments approved? By using the provisions set forth by the Constitution itself in Article V.

Article V is referred to as “the amendment process.” Some erroneously refer to the amendment process remedy as a “Constitutional Convention,” the very name of which is enough to strike fear in the hearts of patriots who fear that having such a convention will possibly result in a runaway mob that approves measures that obliterate sacred protections of hard fought liberties.

Detractors of Levin’s book are already going into hysterics over the proposal. Some of that hysteria was evident today on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show not only by the host but by his guests.

But Levin correctly observes that Article V is erroneously viewed as a “Constitutional Convention” that can either discard portions or the entirety of the Constitution. The provision of Article V is more correctly referred to as “an amendment convention,” or “a convention to add amendments to the Constitution.” Such a process is bound by certain time honored limitations. A convention of this sort cannot vote on whether or not to abide by the Constitution. That is off the table and has already been decided. The agenda of the convention is set before the meeting commences. In fact, the convention is called only to consider and decide on proposed amendments, despite Cornell School of Law’s contention that this is up for debate and that the issue has never been decided.

The process itself, however, would seem to work against the possibility that such a convention would go rogue. For example, a specific proposal to amend the Constitution must originate with the states, precisely, two thirds of the state legislatures are required to call such a convention, and any proposal coming out of it eventually must be approved by three fourths of the state legislatures or three fourths of state amendment conventions (yes, a state can call an Article V convention).

Here is the precise wording of Article V of the Constitution:

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress; provided that no amendment which may be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any manner affect the first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the first article; and that no state, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate.

Cornell provides this interesting tidbit of annotation to Article V:

The Convention Alternative.—Because it has never successfully been invoked, the convention method of amendment is sur[p.900]rounded by a lengthy list of questions.21When and how is a convention to be convened? Must the applications of the requisite number of States be identical or ask for substantially the same amendment or merely deal with the same subject matter? Must the requisite number of petitions be contemporaneous with each other, substantially contemporaneous, or strung out over several years? Could a convention be limited to consideration of the amendment or the subject matter which it is called to consider? These are only a few of the obvious questions and others lurk to be revealed on deeper consideration.22 This method has been close to utilization several times. Only one State was lacking when the Senate finally permitted passage of an amendment providing for the direct election of Senators.23 Two States were lacking in a petition drive for a constitutional limitation on income tax rates.24 The drive for an amendment to limit the Supreme Court’s legislative apportionment decisions came within one State of the required number, and a proposal for a balanced budget amendment has been but two States short of the requisite number for some time.25 Arguments existed in each instance against counting all the petitions, but the political realities no doubt are that if there is an authentic national movement underlying a petitioning by two–thirds of the States there will be a response by Congress.

Regardless of what one thinks about the prospects of such a convention or what may or may not happen therein, Levin’s book, in my opinion, is essential reading for anyone interested in liberty and in putting a stop to the growing tyranny and its concomitant encroachments on the liberties of the people. The book is sure to spawn a lively debate, even among conservatives and libertarians, a healthy exercise for a nation in which a sizable portion of the population has been conditioned to think they have absolutely no power or recourse at their disposal to fight the dictates of a growing oppressive, monolithic surveillance state.

Now, on to the critique.

I have great respect for Mark Levin. He understands the liberty movement, is sympathetic to its goals and objectives, and speaks our language. But he has invited critique with the belief that his is by no means the final word and that the nation needs to have a lively and healthy ongoing discussion concerning these issues.

It is in this spirit that I offer the following observations.

In the first place, having a convention to propose amendments is no guarantee that any of them actually will be followed even if they gain the approval of the necessary number of state legislatures. Granted, merely having the discussion, the debate, and the convention will enhance the chances that such amendments will be enforced. The attention of the entire nation will be focused on the issues addressed in those amendments, and thus, there will be a natural tendency to gauge the extent to which their provisions are adequately implemented.

However, that alone is not enough to guarantee adherence by Congress, the Courts, the president, or even the states. The lawlessness that ravages our land at the present hour provides ample proof that an alarming number of citizens, states, and elected officials do not care what the law says. Nancy Pelosi, for example, has proposed that the state of California officially be designated as a “sanctuary state” for illegal aliens, in defiance of federal law. Barack Obama himself has refused to obey several direct court orders. Congress has failed to hold him accountable.

It is very difficult to imagine any of these people suddenly deciding to obey Constitutional directives just because an Article V convention was held and the states approved. Regardless of how popular Levin’s proposed amendments may be in some states and with some elected representatives, this in no way guarantees that the current crop of lawless despots will leave or change their ways. Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein, Schumer, Durbin, and others will continue to be the very same criminal vermin they have always been. Barack Obama will not stop lying or defying the Constitution, or ignoring court orders when they are inconvenient to him.

Further, it is also very hard to believe that a majority of voters in California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, or Illinois will change the way they vote. They are going to continue to send to Congress the very same tyrants they have for at least 10 to 20 years. Term limits will help, for sure. But the removal of one entrenched tyrant career politician will only result in his/her being replaced by another tyrant. Massachusetts got rid of Ted Kennedy when the senator died of cancer. But they replaced him with a Republican whose only sensible act was voting against ObamaCare, and now they have turned around and placed a kooky, loony bird liberal in that Senate seat, who is even worse than Kennedy or Brown.

In short, if the Constitution is not now being followed, then how on earth will several more amendments to it guarantee that they will be followed?

Lawless, elected thugs will ignore the new amendments as thoroughly as they do the current document.

America has not followed its Constitution in over 100 years. Most conservatives/libertarians believe that the Constitution was discarded as soon as the Income Tax was approved, along with the establishment of the Federal Reserve. While I agree that both of these acts are deplorable and unconstitutional, I take it back even further. As soon as Abraham Lincoln, as great as he was, made it illegal for a state to withdraw from the union, the Constitution was on its death bed. The Framers were able to secure the approval of the Constitution only upon the promise to many patriots that the authority of states would never be usurped and that they could leave at any time. Lincoln broke that sacred promise although his heart was in the right place with regard to slavery.

Not long afterward the nation saw the advent of the Progressive Movement, which viewed the Constitution as a great roadblock to its agenda. And when one takes an objective look at the most well known progressives at the time, one is immediately struck by the fact that in one accord they believed the Constitution posed a problem for them. Woodrow Wilson was one of the worst. So was FDR. And in reality, so was Teddy Roosevelt.

Wilson stated openly while he was a college professor that the Constitution was too restrictive in its approach to government. Years later before he was elected president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt said the very same thing…in 1926. Both Wilson and FDR advocated putting the Constitution on the back burner, ignoring it, or outright defying it, in order to pursue an agenda that would result in a powerful, controlling centralized government-industrial-military complex — one of the very things our Framers wanted to avoid. Thus, by the time we went to war with Germany in the 1940s, there was actually little philosophical-economic difference between the United States and Nazi Germany or the Communist Soviet Union. The only difference was a matter of degrees.

Lyndon Baines Johnson solidified and expanded what FDR and Wilson started with his Great Society. And here we’ve been ever since attempting to figure out how we lost so many of our freedoms, when the answer has been right in front of our eyes all along, and in fact, was set in motion by our very citizens in the voting booth.

Bill Buckley, one of my mentors, was famous for having said that he would rather be governed by the first 500 names in the Boston phone book than those who have been elected to Congress. At one time I agreed with him. That day is long gone. I no longer trust my fellow citizens in the voting booth. They invariably make boneheaded decisions that culminate in more and more tyranny for me. So, why would I want to trust you with my liberties?

Frankly, it sickens me to no end to have to say these things, but it is the truth. We have been betrayed not only by our courts, our presidents, and our elected representatives in Congress, but by our fellow citizens as well. Promise them a $200 subsidy for national healthcare, a government apartment on the cheap, and a Social Security check, and they will vote for a modern equivalent of Chairman Mao.

Don’t get me wrong. I have long advocated for political solutions to our current quagmire even while we make preparation for more convincing solutions. To give up on that entirely would be a travesty and a big mistake. Thus, I hope Levin is right and that eventually we can get what he has proposed. I will do my part to work toward it. But I am not willing to pin all my hopes on that, for the reasons listed above.

In a very real sense, Levin is showing some naivete in his proposal. If we could trust the electorate as we once could, then yes, he would be 100 percent correct. If we were not facing the current dire straits brought on by evil men in high places, then yes, his treatise would be a most welcomed and refreshing solution. But reality tells me something entirely different, something that Levin may not be able or willing to accept. The enemy has not only gotten through the gate but he has become entrenched in command central. And most Americans are simply not informed enough to recognize him as the enemy.

The moral and ethical decay that has afflicted, infested, and infected modern American society makes it well night impossible for normal remedies to work effectively. Evil interlopers intent to do harm will say and do anything to get elected or to become entrenched in places of power in the unconstitutional Fourth Branch of government, the vast, nameless bureaucracy that controls most everything behind the scenes along with their allies and financiers in shadowy, duplicitous organizations such as the Center for American Progress, Tides Foundation, the organizations formerly known as ACORN (which, by the way, are still there), and at least several hundred others. These groups know no bounds, no limitations, no restrictions ethically, morally, politically. Their only focus is on the agenda, the end game, to change America from a Constitutional Republic to something else that is a strange combination of Communism, Fascism, Nazism, or more appropriately, collectivism. The individual person does not count. Persons are entirely expendable as long as the end game is achieved. Thus, you and I have no rights. We are mere pawns in a deadly game designed to turn us from citizens into subjects or slaves to the state.

Thus, a convention designed to approve commendable amendments to the Constitution, as noble an idea as it may be, will not change anything as long as we do not address the deadly cancer that is growing in the very center of the nation. And in this case, only radical surgery will do the trick.

This means Resist, Defy, Evade, Smuggle, and Sabotage.

The kind of enemy we fight is not reasonable, nice, respectful, or fair. Our only recourse, thus, is to thwart their march into tyranny at every hand, and then, when we get the chance, rout them out by sheer force. Force the criminals in public office to pay the price for their crimes. Place them on trial. Imprison them. And if they murdered the innocent in their pursuit of the “progressive vision,” implement the death penalty if Congress decides this is a fair punishment for their murderous actions.

Sounds rather harsh, doesn’t it? Well, would you rather be a slave with no rights? Would you prefer that government goons kill thousands if not millions of citizens, like Stalin and Chairman Mao? Would you rather political dissidents be thrown into the ovens?

If not, your choices are limited. Either get rid of the monsters that would do these things to you and me, or get set for a bloodbath initiated by a government that is just as oppressive and dangerous as anything we have ever seen.

It really is as simple as that.


Musings After Midnight–I’ll see you in the war: Civil War II–Notes on the coming calamity to restore the Constitution

January 13, 2013

Good morning, dear Patriots, and welcome. The news is dire and the time is short. So, let’s get right down to business.

It is my firm belief that civil war is now inevitable and imminent in America. As with the two world wars of the early 20th century, this will be “Civil War II“–which addresses issues the first Civil War failed to address.

Never before in modern history has there been so much talk even among elected government officials that we stand on the cusp of “insurrection,” “a revolutionary uprising,” and a “war between citizens on our own soil.”

Yet here we are. Even Charles Krauthammer, who is not given to hyperbolic engagement in hysterics, stated that if the Obama Administration proceeds with its gun control plans, there will be insurrection.

And a trusted friend of mine who has significant friends and contacts both inside and outside the government has indicated that war is near and that many militia groups are now poised to fight it. “Let’s get this over and done now so our children and grandchildren won’t have to,” is the sentiment being expressed.

If it were only the gun issue plaguing the current ruling class, civil war probably could be avoided with a simple step or two to back off draconian new gun control laws and gun bans, abandoning plans to register ammo purchases, and focusing instead on sensible security measures for the nation’s children. Guns are used to protect the president, congressmen and senators, government officials, banks, money, and Hollywood stars.

Why not the children?

The answer is simple. To seriously protect the children the leviathans would have to admit that ordinary citizens need the unfettered right to keep and bear arms, as our Founders guaranteed in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This they are not willing to do. In their warped world view the people are not to be trusted with guns. Only the elites, the rich, the political ruling class, and the police and military should have access to guns.

King George and the British could not have said it better in the days leading up to the Revolutionary War in 1776.

But guns are not the only issue that has led America to the brink of civil war.

This president has told too many lies, exhibited too much unbridled arrogance, and overstepped the Constitutional limits on his power too often on a number of issues to be let off the hook. So have his enablers in Congress, most of whom are Democrats, although a few Republicans have helped him as well.

Fact 1: Obama won reelection with barely over 50% of the vote. His opponent won over 49% of the vote. This is hardly a “mandate.” He does not have a blank check. But he acts like it. He thinks he is King. He acts like a dictator in the tradition of Hitler and Stalin who should be given anything he wants. He is like a big baby who never grew up and is sitting in his high chair banging on the table throwing tantrums. Any American president who displays such qualities does not deserve the office. He should be forcibly removed.

Fact 2: Obama lied to Speaker John Boehner on the debt negotiations. He told him in good faith prior to the election that he would compromise on his demands for tax increases, and accept four dollars in spending reductions for every dollar in tax increases. After the election, Obama changed the goal posts in mid stream. No longer would he settle for $800,000 in tax increases, but he demanded 2.7 trillion in tax hikes. And he insisted that any spending reductions be put off until later.

This is not a quality of good leadership, trustworthiness, or moral integrity. He is unfit for the office. In a different era he would be likened to a sleazy card shark on a Mississippi river boat. While some may admire such a person’s ability to outmaneuver opponents using dishonest tricks of the trade, is this a quality we admire or want in a president? Really?

Fact 3: Obama wants to be able to increase the debt ceiling any time he wants, in any amount he wants, without the approval of Congress. Congress resisted that one, but now comes word that he will likely use the 14th Amendment to the Constitution to seize the power to be absolute dictator over the debt and spending. The amendment has never been used in such a fashion in U.S. history. But my sources say he is willing to go down that trail, opening up a plethora of legal challenges that will be tied up in the courts for years. In the meantime, Obama will spend the nation into complete bankruptcy with nobody in Congress or the Courts to stop him. They have shown they don’t have the guts.

Patriots have the guts. He must not be allowed to do this, period.

Fact 4: Now that he has been reelected, Obama is appointing the most radical rejects he can find to top cabinet posts. John Kerry at State? Chuck Hagel at Defense? Jack Lew at Treasury? These are absolute clowns, buffoons who should not be serving anywhere in government at all. Each lie through their teeth. They are anti-military, anti-Jew, and anti-fiscal responsibility. And he expects the Senate to roll over and approve these lightweight Leftwing nutcases to the government. Woe be unto us if he gets to nominate new Supreme Court justices.

Republicans had best get in block mode and deny to Obama anyone and everyone he nominates. His choices exhibit a lack of competence and a deep disdain for America and its Constitution. This is why any Supreme Court nominee he sends to the Senate must be BLOCKED, even if it means tying up the Senate in endless filibusters. At all costs he must not be allowed to get whoever he wants in these important offices.

Fact 5: Obama is threatening to use the “executive order” to accomplish what Congress denies him…an abuse of the original intent of the executive order. This would amount to an outright dictatorship that bypasses elected officials in Congress. Such an act in matters of clear Constitutional precedent indicating the need for due process would amount to tyranny, a high crime under the Constitution, and punishable by whatever the Congress deems appropriate, up to and including the death penalty.

Will our castrated Republican leadership do anything about it if Obama goes down this path? I doubt it. That means only one thing, and you know what I am talking about…a citizen posse that will make arrests according to the terms of the 10th Amendment and others. Perhaps it is also time for the citizens to empower the Citizen Grand Jury, given that the judicial branch of government is failing in its duty to uphold the Constitution. The 10th Amendment, thus, gives THE PEOPLE the power to take action in such a circumstance.

Thus, while the gun issue is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, there are a number of issues driving the current unrest in the heartland of America. In short, we have had quite enough of Barack Obama and all who enable him to take unlawful and unconstitutional actions, and that includes Democrats in Congress, the Courts, and even 50% of our fellow citizens. Our patience has run thin with you for your willful ignorance, your willingness to sell your soul for a government payoff, your lack of basic values and common decency, and your practice of incessantly violating time-honored Constitutional principles that put clear limits on government and how far the “majority” can go. Unalienable rights are not subject to a majority vote.

I fully expect, therefore, that war will break out on our own soil in 2013, unless something drastic is done to reign in the arrogance of Obama and the Washington ruling establishment. These people must be stopped by the process that has been put in place to do so, or else the citizens will take matters into their own hands.

The official line in the sand is the gun issue. And thus, I have some definitive declarations that need to be considered by the powers that be before they go off on an unconstitutional rampage on the rights of the people.

1. We will not comply with any new gun control law.

2. We will not turn in any firearm that you suddenly decide to be “illegal.” They are illegal only in your own delusional minds.

3. In the event you limit ammunition or require us to register to get it, we will create the biggest black market in the history of the world. We can make our own ammunition.

4. We will not comply with any new gun bans. We can make our own guns as well, even the type you wish to take from us.

5. The attempt to gain entrance to our homes to confiscate our guns and ammunition will be considered an act of war. We will not comply. Be prepared to kill us if you do such an asinine thing in what is supposed to be a FREE country. But then, also be aware that you will pay a heavy price for perpetrating such tyranny.

6. We will never fire on tyrannical government personnel first. But if we are  fired upon first, you had best be prepared to live with what follows. War is hell.

7. Never again will we allow you to perpetrate a Waco, Texas massacre on citizens merely for trying to practice their religion, though unpopular. And we will never again allow you to pull a Ruby Ridge without swift, severe consequences.

One hundred million citizens own and keep 300 million firearms of various types. Do you honestly believe you have a chance to overwhelm us? Even if only three percent of the 100 million engage in battle, that’s three million citizens — nothing to sneeze at.

The citizen militia in the 1770s defeated the most powerful army in the world at the time — the British army that presided over a worldwide empire.

And don’t think that Civil War I is any indication of government power in this. The situation was entirely different. Southerners at the very outset were in a weakened position. Poverty was rampant. They were at a clear disadvantage.

This time, it won’t be one region of the country pitted against another region. Patriot gun owners live in all 50 states, and the three percent are scattered throughout America. That means that if you are in Maine or Massachusetts, your neighbor may be one of the three percent who will fight you and the federal jackbooted government thugs.

And if any one of us is arrested, murdered, or harmed in any way in order to make an example of us, you had best beware and be prepared to go into hiding. Three million angry gun owners will rise up in defiance of your deadly tyranny and teach you a lesson that will go down in history as a definitive moment in our nation.

These words of mine are meant to force the powers that be to think twice and pause indefinitely before they embark on any action that will culminate in such violence in our streets. Mine is but a warning, a word to the wise. You need to know what’s coming. And you need to rethink your current course of action.

We are dead serious. We are not going to allow you to blame us for what one idiotic, crazed lunatic does illegally with guns he obtained illegally. Do something to actually secure the schools rather than widow dress with a red herring (gun control and bans), and address the problem of the criminals and the lunatics. But leave the rest of us the hell alone. Or else…


Anthony Martin is certainly one of the most talented writers of our day, and that is just one reason why The Liberty Sphere has had a sidebar link here for years!


Civil War or Revolution?

January 12, 2013

It all became academic when the big government authoritarians decided that the time was ripe to disarm those that they laird it over. Mob rule, also known as political correctness and democracy has raised it’s populist ugly head against our republic. The Bill of Rights means nothing any longer. Sure, the current debate is about the Second Amendment but that’s simply a cover. Just look at how the entire Bill of Rights has been whittled away over the years with the blessings of the Supreme Court.

The electorate in general no longer respects the oath taken to protect and defend the Constitution. Rather they by and large do their best to chip away freedom and liberty since the don’t have the courage to force a Constitutional Convention. Cut the lies and admit that what their doing is no less than the commission or treason. Legal definitions be damned! No more squirming around by better than thou attorney types call it what it is.

How many as a percentage brought about freedom from the British? I have read that it was as low as three percent up to twenty percent. The point being that it was not very many. There are a lot more now, and those people are angry, very angry.

While many of the treasonous leaders of these not so United States are plotting the over through of the foundations that made this nation the envy of the world others are quietly forming actual militia’s with the full blown intention of destroying those that wish to destroy the enemies those that prefer freedom. Not simply the outlaws in the Senate and House of Representatives but organizations such as the  Southern Positive Law Center as many groups that hate liberty.

An actual civil war or full full blown revolution is about to unfold. The neo- conservatives and neo-communists will the ones that will to be the ones that brought the blood baths. People are sick of talk and negotiation that just chips away the rights and liberty that belong of the people.

Time will tell to be sure when it comes to just will happen.


It’s the Economy Stupid!

December 13, 2012

From far and wide it seems that all we hear is the hue and cry about how to fix the economy. I read about how we should be “fair” about taxing the “rich.”

That’s all fine and good if you are simply stuck on stupid. Think about it people. Who pays the lions share already when it comes to taxes? The upper middle class and the truly wealthy, that’s who. If everyone paid taxes at the same rate, yes, even welfare recipients, there would be no budget crisis. In fact though, taxes would probably drop to levels unheard of in modern times. Even on those of us that really are much better off than the rest of us.

But no, we would rather sit around and play the class warfare game. Answer me this socialist pundits. When was the last time that a poor person gave you a job? Any job, even a poor paying job? It’s called trickle down, or yes, up, economics. The system works, and yes, it is part and parcel of free market economic models. Before the lefty’s jump all over me about how we got into this mess through free market policies just remember that there has never, in all history been a true full economic system. From the Soviet Unions official Black Market to the unofficial black market there was a degree of capitalism at work there. Here in the United States we have onerous regulation that destroys most of what would be described as a free market. Leftest lawmakers dabbled in the free market, and guess what happened? You are living through it! Not to mention that we do indeed have a black market at work here as well. Drugs, weapons, and even tobacco products thrive in the era of taxation beyond the pale.

So what do we do? Turning over our own responsibilities to a bunch of elected officials that really are clueless is not the answer. Revolution, while quite attractive to many, would take generations to achieve the standard of living that we now enjoy to be achieved once again. Compromise, when addressing ones deepest held values is no virtue. In a nation so diverse as The United States those values may indeed be just as diverse. How do we address that Pandora’s box?

I submit that we should look to our own history for the answers to this all. Restore the original intent of The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.

Here are just a few things that would get us headed back on the road to prosperity.

  • Reign in The Supreme Court. Rulings that serve only the interests of government and cronies have destroyed the actual owning of private property. The taking of civil rights for much less than true mental deficiency or felonious behaviors. Forcing the purchase of anything that is a private product that does not involve the safety of others are just a few examples.
  • End the drug war, period. All drugs, period. We could still have purity and efficiency laws for medicinals. Plus we would not be party to making thugs and murderers into millionaires. There will always be alcoholics and drug abusers and gangsters will always find some vehicle of prey but we will not be enablers to that on a national scale.
  • Develop a system whereby elected officials are subject to a performance evaluation that is more than simply winning an election.
  • End the barriers to new political persuasions entering the market of ideas. The Republicans and Democrats have had a free ride for way to long and have done little for anyone but themselves. As in the politicians themselves. Just look at how the Democrat Party has used and abused people of color, and how the Republicans have done the same to the working man.
  • Overhaul the education system here from top to bottom. I should not even begin to have to go into that issue!
  • Community Service: All people, unless gravely disabled, should be required to have spent some time in service to the nation. Be that as a volunteer in EMS, Firefighting, or Armed Forces or Police work. All persons I should reemphasize, no getting out of it because you are the son or daughter of a Senator such as happened all to often during the draft. I myself would like to see a two year mandatory period of service in the armed forces. Right out of High school, no deferments, no straight into any Officers program that includes basic training in Infantry skills. The national bonus to that is obvious. But that is just me.

I am sure that many will argue against what I just offered. Feel free to defend your positions. But, being a Marine Corps Brat, you had better have a better alternative to offer, and not just say that you don’t like this or that.

Keep the shiny side up!


The liberal nut cases…

September 15, 2012
Gun Owners of America and its foundation are in the middle of a seminal fight in the courts -– a fight which could determine whether the federal courts will be of any use in protecting our Second Amendment rights for the foreseeable future.
That fight will determine whether the Founders -– or the liberal nut cases who govern the People’s Republic of Maryland -– will dictate the scope of the Second Amendment.
First, a little background.
As you remember, the Supreme Court’s Heller and McDonald cases recognized that the Second Amendment was an individual right -– and that it was a right that applied to the states.
Unfortunately, on page 54 of the Heller decision, the majority opinion suggested that it might uphold some unconstitutional anti-gun laws, in spite of the Second Amendment’s absolute ban on such restrictions.
In effect, the court invited federal courts to apply a “balancing test” to the Second Amendment.  And, since that time, the federal courts have upheld a large portion of the unconstitutional gun bans challenged by gun owners.
This is where the Maryland case comes in.
The ironically dubbed “Free State” is, in fact, one of the least free jurisdictions in the country.
On guns, you have to have a permit to carry one.  That permit can be denied if you don’t show a “good and substantial purpose.”  And whether you have a “good and substantial purpose” is a subjective decision that can be determined in virtually any way Maryland’s anti-gun fruitcakes choose to interpret it.
How does Maryland reconcile that with the Second Amendment?
The answer is that it doesn’t.  Its 46-page brief quotes the Second Amendment at the outset and spends the remaining 45 pages talking about something else.
Says Maryland, the Second Amendment is essentially identical to the 1689 English Bill of Rights.
Wrong!  The Second Amendment codifies a God-given right which comes from -– well, ah -– God.
If, as Maryland contends, our Second Amendment rights are no broader than English rights, this means government can seize all of our guns and outlaw gun ownership across the board.
Says Maryland, “a majority of nineteenth-century courts had upheld the constitutionality of complete prohibitions on the carry of concealed weapons.”
If Maryland prevails on this proposition, the Heller case is worthless –- and your God-given right to defend yourself, your family, and your friends is essentially meaningless.
This is why the Gun Owners Foundation has filed a brief (pdf) on your behalf on appeal before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond.
But lawyers are not cheap, and the legal process is not invoked without a substantial expenditure of resources.
This is why we need your help to support our important work in this case.
Please give as generously as you can.  And know that we have selected this case because it represents an extreme example of anti-gun repression –- one that should be easy for the courts to strike down.
Know that what happens in this case before the Fourth Circuit and, if necessary, before the Supreme Court, could determine whether the Heller decision has any meaning -– or is just a useless pile of platitudes.

ObamaCare Decision Means Feds Will Continue to Cull Gun Owner Information

June 28, 2012

Led by feckless chief Justice John Roberts, the U.S. Supreme Court today upheld the ObamaCare law by a 5-to-4 decision, with Roberts voting with liberals Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan.

While the decision means many harmful things for the American public, the Second Amendment community remains greatly affected,

GOA’s John Velleco was at the U.S. Supreme Court today to speak with media about how the ObamaCare decision negatively impacts gun owners.

as the law requires Americans’ medical information to be culled and entered into a national database.

Centralizing these medical records will allow the FBI to troll a list of Americans for ailments such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to deny them their gun rights, in the same way that the Veterans Administration has already denied more than 150,000 veterans their right to bear arms.

Ironically, the Boston Globe last week reported how snarky liberals have been shocked to learn that hundreds of pages of their most intimate psychiatric notes have been posted into the database — available for reading by hundreds (perhaps thousands) of strangers who work for their provider.

Now, their most embarrassing recollections are semi-public knowledge, and this was done knowingly and unapologetically by the people to whom they were spilling their confidences.  Their privacy is gone, and there is nothing they can do about it.

This is the danger that gun owners face — the sharing of medical information (like PTSD) that can be used in the future to deny them their right to purchase a firearm.

As for the ObamaCare decision itself, the Supreme Court ruled today that the Individual Mandate (requiring all Americans to purchase health insurance) is constitutional under Congress’ taxing power.

Thus, the government can force us to buy broccoli — or anything else — by simply imposing an enormous “tax penalty” for failing to do what the government orders us to do.  There is NOTHING the government can’t now do as part of its taxing power.

Incidentally, ObamaCare was passed amid vigorous denunciations that Congress was imposing an enormous tax on the American people — and on the middle and lower classes.  Thus, by allowing the Obama administration to now argue that it “fooled us,” the Court becomes a co-conspirator in Obama’s fraud.

The culprits?  Well, certainly the tepid, political-wind-monitoring Roberts, who has sold himself to receive favorable media coverage by the liberal left and to get invited to the swanky parties in our nation’s capital.  Ironically, the Senate almost did away with the Senate filibuster in order to secure Robert’s confirmation to the Court.

If there is a silver lining to this decision, it is that the Court ruled that the Individual Mandate CANNOT be justified under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.  This is good news for gun owners, as this text has been illegitimately expanded over the years to justify all kinds of unconstitutional laws — including gun control.

Americans now know what we need to do:  We need to repeal the Individual Mandate through a legislative rider (or amendment) to the must-pass Continuing Resolution, which Congress will take up around September 30.  And perhaps, the ultimate way to get rid of ObamaCare is to get rid of Obama.

In the process, we will need to put a constitutional majority in control of the Senate and consolidate and even expand the anti-ObamaCare majority in the House.

But the first line of defense is to force a vote on must-pass legislation to repeal or “defund” the mandate.  You can expect Gun Owners of America to be at the epicenter of this battle.  So please stay tuned for updates!


Baffle them with bovine feces..? When the Feds refuse to do their job.

June 25, 2012

Well, the Black Crows have finally stepped up and released their decision having to do with Arizona’s attempt to protect it’s people from a quite literal invasion by people that do not belong there. As usual, they did what at best might be called a half-assed job.

I find it ironic at best that the courts, and government in general, expect we the unwashed,  follow the various laws of our nation or face numerous penalties including fines and imprisonment. But do not do the same when political expediency, or correctness enter into the fray, and it involves themselves.

Sexism is all fine and dandy as long as it is the context of misandry. Immigration enforcement is held in high esteem so long as it does not apply to anyone from south of our borders. Lifetime bans on firearm ownership for less than felony behavior is cool. Even though the ability to properly and effectively defend oneself, friends, and family are God given, and enshrined within the Bill of Rights. Private property is nothing more than a pipe dream if the local, state, special district, or federal government can make a few dollars based upon eminent domain. Rights and freedom and liberty can be brushed aside by juries of less than twelve. Yet urinating on our nations flag is indeed a form of protected speech…


A Victory for Individual Privacy in the Supreme Court

January 24, 2012


The Supreme Court yesterday unanimously sided with Gun Owners of America in finding that the placement of a Global Positioning Device on an automobile constitutes a “search” for purposes of the Fourth Amendment.
The majority opinion in U.S. v. Jones was written by Justice Antonin Scalia and follows GOA’s reasoning to throw out the “reasonable expectation of privacy” test which has been thought to be the dominant Fourth Amendment standard in recent years.
The Obama Administration argued that because the police could theoretically follow Antoine Jones’ car, he had no “reasonable expectation of privacy,” and thus, placing a GPS device on his car was justified. GOA argued, however, that this constituted an “unreasonable search and seizure” which violates the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.
This decision will have dramatic ramifications for gun owners. Indeed, the Court looked to the Founders’ intentions with respect to the Fourth Amendment, which, until the latter part of the 20th Century, was understood to restrict the ability of police to “trespass” upon the persons or property of Americans.
“This is no less than a fundamental transformation of American jurisprudence concerning searches and seizures,” according to GOA’s Executive Director Larry Pratt. “And it is a transformation which throws out fake modern jurisprudence and restores the Founders’ intent.”
The “reasonable expectation of privacy” test flowed from a Justice Harlan concurring opinion in Katz v. United States, 389 U.S. 347 (1967). Gun Owners of America had argued that the Supreme Court should jettison that decision by an activist court, and a majority of the justices agreed.
“The ‘expectation of privacy’ test for searches and seizures arose without support in the text or historical context of the Fourth Amendment, and has proven wholly inadequate to protect the American people from their government,” argued GOA.
Four members of the court — led by Samuel Alito, and joined by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, and Elena Kagan — argued for the continuation of the “reasonable expectation of privacy test,” but concluded that planting a GPS device on a car for 28 days constituted a Fourth Amendment “search” under that standard as well.
The Obama administration, which had argued that planting a GPS device on a car was not a “search” under the Harlan standard, was unanimously repudiated by the High Court. And the case is being cited by the mainstream media as a defeat for Obama and his Justice Department, which is led by Attorney General Eric Holder.
Said Pratt: “This is yet another failure by Eric Holder, the most corrupt and incompetent Attorney General in the history of the Republic.”
Gun Owners would like to thank its activists for their support. Your contributions helps GOA to assist in future cases like this at the Supreme Court.


Questions and such; As the World (Election 2012) turns

November 2, 2011

All too often we seem to get caught up in things that are nothing but distractions. It’s like being on a deer or elk hunt, and focusing the cross hairs on the antlers. Sure, those are what will get you into the book and hang on the wall. Perhaps even on the cover of a magazine. But they don’t get to the heart of the matter, pun intended.

Let’s go over a few such things, in no particular order of importance.

Illegal immigration is a deal breaker for many Americans. Put a clamp on it, or you don’t get the vote from a pretty large number of Americans, including one heck of a lot of Americans of Mexican extraction. Hold your nose and vote appears to be what we are once again headed for on that one…

Taxes… Americans pay one heck of a lot in taxes. Add all the state and local taxes, often camouflaged as user fees and we are well above many other nations. An awful lot of that can be laid directly at the feet of the various unions. But certainly not all. Various special interests groups also play a big role. Examples might be moralists that seek to force their beliefs upon us all under the guise of public health or expense. Think “sin” taxes. Then there are those that take environmentalism to an absurd extreme. These things all have a monetary cost, and guess where the money comes from?

Constitutional Rights, including The Bill of Rights. Often, these are treated like statistics. As in being twisted to fit whatever this or that person or groups agenda is. Free speech and Second Amendment rights seem to fall into that category most often. However let’s not forget what the Supreme Court has done these past few years concerning private property rights or search and seizure just to name two. The “Patriot Act” seems to have been crafted to fit that famous quotation having to do with trading security for liberty.

The economy as always, or at least every time I turn around is always way up there and right now is probably at the very top of the list for many. As it should be… It is also tied by the neck to just about every other issue. Here’s the thing though. Government cannot “create” jobs. What it can do though is create a climate that either stifles job growth and hinders that, or encourages job creation. How to go about that has been the great debate for many years and, I suspect will continue to do so for many years after I am long gone.

The “Drug War” continues on unabated. Again, this issue is intertwined with many others, and no. I do not advocate the use of drugs, other than as needed for the medical issues of the individual. The fact that drugs being contraband though creates an enormous market with corresponding profits. Profits that allow the purchase of very powerful weaponry that is in turn used to secure and bolster the business of those engaged in such enterprises. End the drug war, and you put a knife to the throat of the profits of murdering thugs and terrorists around the world. No, it will not stop them from their nefarious ways completely, but will go a long way toward that end.

Special Interests legislation. A real black eye for America to be sure. Whether it is one sided sexist laws that destroy our families or pure cronyism in the name of social or monetary profits these things need to be done away with.

Military and Veteran’s issues. These are things that simply are far to wide ranging to list. We must have a strong and powerful military. We have more than a few enemies around the world, and the group of home grown “Hate America First” types certainly don’t help matters. The way that we treat our Veterans can be summed up in a single word. That word  being “shameful.”

The United States of America, still a work in progress, and still, the best place on this earth in which to be alive.

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