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Stand your Ground Laws; George Zimmerman and Travon Martin

July 21, 2013

As I look across this nation at all the protests related to the verdict rendered in the Travon Martin shooting I had to think about all those people from the past that had been imprisoned for properly and effectively defending themselves, a family member, or even an unknown stranger from a ruthless crime.

I watched once as a prosecutor, in Arvada, Colorado, drummed into the jury how a friend “had the duty to run,” when his son was being unmercilessly beaten by three others. To allow his son to be killed in other words. Four years later after he was released from the Department of Corrections I, and many others told him that he had done the right thing. The law be damned!

This was quite a few years ago, and just goes to show that political correctness has been around for longer than I have been living. That said…

George Zimmerman could have easily defused this entire situation simply by holding back and waiting for the police to show up. He could have watched from his vehicle from a distance and monitored Travon’s whereabouts and communicated that to the police.

Nevertheless he did have the right to defend himself when Travon started beating his head into the sidewalk. With deadly force I might add. The Jury agreed with that, and the prosecution, the entire team should be brought up on charges of malicious prosecution. It was in fact that bad.

This tragedy was turned into something else by the race baiters, hucksters, and the main stream media, and continues to do so. What has not happened, at least has not been reported to the best of my knowledge so far? The rioting and such. The race war by The New Black Panthers that would accomplish what so many race hatred groups and individuals have tried to get going in the past, like Charles Manson for one example.

I am very much in favor of Stand Your Ground Laws, Castle Doctrine, and Self Defense laws. I support their expansion, and would be in favor of full rights restoration after a person has proved that they are rehabilitated if convicted of a crime. After all, didn’t we lock them up long enough to pay for their transgressions? If not that is our fault. I am also in favor of laws that would imprison those that seek to abuse our laws by twisting them to push their agenda. Such as media types that knowingly alter evidence. Prosecutors that know, or should have known that they were abusing the law, and any other grand-standers that abuse our system of justice.

470 Nitro (TEA PARTY) Express: A proven RINO KILLER

March 7, 2012

Some four years ago, in a chat forum, the now deceased John Basti said we need another Tea Party, and things went wild from there. All of us knew, and myself as well as Texas Fred even said that it would end up co-opted by the big hitters. Just as all really good ideas do…

The Taxed Enough Already movement grew beyond simply addressing tax issues. Eventually holding local politicians feet to the fire about all the assaults that governments large and small have been directing squarely at the Bill of Rights. From Private property rights, to tax issues, to politicians utterly ignoring their oaths to uphold the Constitution TEA Party activist’s have been there.

First we were called racist and gun nuts. Then the pictures of the TEA Party activist spread over the internet. A Black Man, with an AR 15. Then we were called women haters. At least until the pictures, and statements of the females within the movement started showing up. That is until those very same women were told that they were in fact simply too stupid to even know that they were being abused… But then? Those women’s credentials just blew the forces of big government authoritarianism apart... So then, who really are the sexist’s? The absolute misandry of the left is hypocritical to the extreme. The anti Freedom and personal Liberty of the left is much the same…

The forces present this day in these not so United States are bringing us again close to an actual civil war. Be they neo-nazi groups, La Raza, New Black Panthers, and a host of others that, I believe that another not so civil war is about to unfold here. That’s not even counting the various religious groups that want to impose their version of sharia upon us…

Back in the day, there was on the darkest continent, one single weapon caliber that was always in the forefront when it came to this worlds most dangerous animals. It was the double rifle, chambered in 470 Nitro Express. It took absolute courage to take on a Rino or Jumbo with one. We the people of America will, one and all, need to summon up that same type of fortitude and courage if we are to save our nation.

Perjury in Black Panther Case?

September 24, 2010

We’re closer to the next election than we are the last, but the fallout from the Black Panther case percolates on. Recall that New Black Panther Party members stood outside a Philadelphia polling place in Nov. 2008 brandishing a billy club, shouting racial epithets and otherwise intimidating white voters. This week, the watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained internal e-mail logs from the Department of Justice that suggest that senior officials had a hand in making the decision to pull the plug on the case, contradicting sworn testimony by Thomas Perez, the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. Perez said in May that the decision was, “a case of career people disagreeing with career people.”

While it’s doubtful that Perez will be on the rack for these allegations anytime soon, the incident reveals both the difficulty of extracting information on how a slam-dunk case was dropped and the lengths to which Attorney General Eric Holder may be going in not pursuing certain cases based on race. It took a Freedom of Information Act request by Judicial Watch just to receive the logs and a summary of what particular e-mails stated, with a court ordering the disclosure.


From RMGO: H.R. 45

February 5, 2009

H.R. 45 is Draconian Gun Control

What H.R. 45 Does

The legislation has three main components.

  1. Increasing requirements for firearms purchases.
  2. Creating a national firearms registry overseen by the Federal Government.
  3. Stiffen penalties for bookkeeping errors related to the Federal Firearms Database formed in section 2.

To purchase a firearm a person would be required to pass a written firearms examination, release all health records — including mental heath records — to the Attorney General’s office, and submit to a two-day waiting period, as well as pay an “appropriate” fee of $25 per firearm.

Additionally, every firearm sale would be recorded in a database, which would track the serial number, make, model and identity of the owner. The legislation would also make all private sales of firearms illegal, and a felony offense.

In addition to these regulations, the legislation includes excessive regulations and penalties for bureaucratic missteps from simple failures to report address changes to failure to report stolen weapons.

Provisions of H.R. 45 include:

  • Requires passing a written examination to purchase a firearm.
  • Releases medical records — including confidential mental health records — to the Attorney General for Government review.
  • Requires a two-day waiting period on all firearms purchases.
  • Institutes a fee of $25 or more on all firearm purchases.
  • Creates a national database with all firearms and firearms owners registered by serial number with the Federal Government.
  • A Federal ban on all private firearms sales.
  • Increases in penalties for clerical errors related to this national firearms registry.
  • You can read the full text of the bill here.Click here to sign the petition against H.R. 45!

    Who’s sponsoring H.R. 45

    H.R. 45 — President Obama’s National Gun Registry and Citizen Disarmament Act — was written by Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush (D). It currently has no cosponsors.

    But will it pass Congress?
    Congressman Rush’s bill an outrageous destruction of Constitutional Rights, but it’s the compromises that are truly dangerous

    Though far-left gun-haters routinely sponsor pie-in-the-sky legislation (anyone remember the days of Sen. Moynihan’s annual 1000% tax on ammo?), H.R. 45 has set new lows for the depths to which hoplophobes will sink.

    Is H.R. 45 dangerous? Yes.  But is it likely to pass?  No, not in its current form…. it’s too far-reaching.

    What is likely to pass, though, is a compromise, a deal cut with the gun-grabbers and the group that ostensibly represents gun owners, the NRA.

    Think that can’t happen? Rewind to the summer of 2007, when arch gun-hater Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy sat down with NRA board member Congressman John Dingell to craft a deal to expand Brady Checks into new realms of mental health records. A few months later, H.R. 2640 passed…with the approval of the NRA and McCarthy.

    Congressman Rush’s gun control ideas are much, much more dangerous as amendments to legislation that is already advancing.

    Remember the Brady Bill? It didn’t pass as a stand-alone bill. It passed as an amendment.

    Even more frightening was that it passed with the approval of the NRA (click here for that full story)

    The same is true of the Lautenberg Domestic Abuse ban, the Assault Weapons ban, 1986 McClure-Volkmer (which bans the manufacture of transferable machine guns), the 1968 Gun Control Act, and numerous other examples (especially if you look at state legislation).

    Yes, we’re watching H.R. 45. , and we want everyone to sign our petition against it. But also beware the slight of hand — it’s often more dangerous.

    Click here to sign the petition against H.R. 45!

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