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NRA positive rated sellout politicians; They will still be rated as good on guns no doubt!

April 12, 2013

Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) – NRA A rated

Kelly Ayotte (N.H.) – NRA A rated

Richard Burr (N.C.) – NRA A rated

Saxby Chambliss (Ga.) – NRA A rated

Tom Coburn (Okla.) – NRA A rated

Susan Collins (Maine) – NRA C+ rated

Bob Corker (Tenn.) – NRA A rated

Jeff Flake (Ariz.) – NRA A rated

Lindsey Graham (S.C.) – NRA A rated

Dean Heller (Nev.) – NRA A rated

John Hoeven (N.D.) – NRA A rated

Johnny Isakson (Ga.) – NRA A rated

Mark Kirk (Ill.) – NRA F rated

John McCain (Ariz.) – NRA B+ rated

Pat Toomey (Pa.) – NRA A rated

Roger Wicker (Miss.) – NRA A+ rated

13 of these Senators have NRA “A-ratings.”


The goal of the Obama administration: Matt Mead on board the train of tyranny; We told you so…

April 12, 2013
If you have renewed your driver’s license lately, you may notice how compliance with the “Real ID Act” has slowed down the process.Under the guise of safety and anti-terrorism, you must now prove you are a citizen in order to obtain a drivers license.I have received countless calls and emails, mostly from folks that have lived in Wyoming for their entire lives — and now they must submit a birth certificate so it can be kept on file in the driver’s license agency data-base.

Besides the obvious privacy concerns — everyone should be deeply troubled about concealed carry permit information that is housed within that database and the ability of the feds to access this data.

Just another Washington D.C. scheme that could make gun registration just a key-stroke away.

And as it seems — instead of defending the liberties of law abiding citizens — there is an ever increasing push placing our freedoms in jeopardy with layer after new layer of new D.C. regulations.

Governor Mead a former federal attorney appears to okay with the general assault on freedom coming out of Washington.

In but another example, when asked about the wrongly named patriot act in 2010, Mead said, “you’re not going to like my answer, but I support it”.

If all of this rubs you the wrong way, it gets worse.

While it has definitely become more difficult for you — it just got easier for illegal aliens to obtain a drivers license in Wyoming!

It’s no secret that Governor Mead appointed a Democrat Attorney General.

And now AG Gregory Phillips has ordered WY-DOT to accept “dreamers” applications for a driver’s license.

According to a one report AG Phillips consulted with Mead directly before issuing the new order.

A “dreamer” is a young immigrant that would otherwise be an illegal alien. But under Obama’s new amnesty program, this same illegal alien is issued a social security card along with a federal work permit.

In California these “dreamers” are on track to receive entitlement-benefits including a free ride to a state university.

The goal of the Obama administration is simple — to foster an environment that increases a liberal big government voter base.

Like you I’m tired of seeing other states leading the fight against Obama’s agenda, while Governor Mead is sitting on his hands.

Arizona’s Governor refused to comply with Obama’s dream scheme, inferring that Obama’s amnesty program isn’t actually law and that Arizona has no duty under state statute to issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

The real question is this, how far you will let a Republican Governor align Wyoming’s policy with Obama’s progressive agenda — before you’ve had enough?

Now let’s talk about guns…

Remember that during the recent legislative session Mead was against pro-gun legislation — even though these bills passed the house with overwhelming majorities.

I personally witnessed Governor Mead’s assistant chief of staff — Tony Young lobbying legislators in the hallways of the Capitol — urging them to vote against pro-gun legislation.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Mead often had multiple staffers in committee meetings. Using Mr. Young as well as other members of his policy team.

Governor Mead’s assistant chief of staff Tony Young in the doorway with Mead’s former chief of staff Chris Boswell (immediately next to Young). Boswell is now one of Wyoming’s top paid lobbyist now working for Univ of Wyoming. This was a stacked deck committee hearing on HB-105 that was heard on the same day that “education lobby” was holding an event in Cheyenne. Mead’s policy staffer Mike Reed was also on the record at this meeting for being against HB-105.

And it was Mead’s consistent pressure that ensured these bills were killed in the senate.

Mead was publicly against HB-104 — legislation that would have made a Washington D.C. semi-automatic and magazine ban — unenforceable — within the borders of Wyoming.

By the way, the Montana legislature recently passed a bill making a D.C. gun grab unenforceable in their state. But wouldn’t you know…the “Democrat” governor vetoed it.

Clearly Mead may be wearing the wrong jersey since he’s running plays for the other team.

Mead was also against HB-105, legislation that would allow Wyoming citizens with a concealed carry permit issued by the state of Wyoming to carry concealed on public school grounds and college campuses.

Like Obama, Mead must also believe that gun-free zones, or better called — victim disarmament zones — where law abiding citizens like you and me are now helpless to defend themselves is the best plan.

Matt Mead palling around with Colorado Governor Hickenlooper a staunch gun control advocate who just signed away gun rights in his state!

Of course you probably remember — this isn’t how Mead talked while on the campaign trail in 2010.

I have said that as a U.S. Attorney, Mead would remain true to the federal agenda.

Mead’s own actions prove that you can take the federal prosecutor out of Washington D.C. – but you can’t take the Washington D.C. out of a former prosecutor, in this case D.C. attorney turned Governor.

And this is the reason Wyoming Gun Owners exists — to expose politicians in either party that treat Freedom with contempt.

Please share this email so others can know there is a full time organization in Cheyenne that is watching the establishment politicians like a hawk.

To Liberty,


Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners

Representative Tom Lubnau (R-Gillette) Speaks with forked tongue

February 20, 2012

In an interview on Glenn Woods radio show (AM1270 in Gillette) Representative Tom Lubnau (R-Gillette) stated that HB-60 preemption reform legislationwas a “crazy gun bill”.

Of course Lubnau says he didn’t shoot down the bill –Reality Check– the bill failed 2 votes shy of the 2/3rds majority – 38-21. And YES Lubnau was a no vote!

Click here to listen Glenn Woods AM1270 — Tom Lubnau

In a stupendous reach he also said- “I’m not going to place police officers in jeopardy of being fired for going up to a suicidal person and saying, ‘Why don’t you put that gun down’”.

Using scare tactics regularly echoed by the gun control crowd, Lubnau has now reached a new plateau as he untruthfully suggested that all common sense would be thrown out the window if this bill advanced.

HB-60 is virtually identical to a bill that was signed into law by Florida’s governor — putting an end to three decades of local government crushing the citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.

Incredibly during his interview Lubnau also defended his “so-called” pro-gun position while adding he is in Cheyenne to read the bills. But don’t be fooled!

Because soon afterwards, the “Republican Floor Leader” slithered back to his previous mode of operation.

Here it comes. Wait for it…

The “Republican” floor leader is now supporting one of the largest expansions of gun free zones in Wyoming.

HB-70 a bill that is disguised as a court security measure — when in fact it specifies a change to current statute making “All COUNTY BUILDINGS containing a district or circuit court” a gun free zone or better named “criminal safe zone”.

This legislation will relocate the “secured area” of the court room to the “front door of the county building”. Please forgive me for being redundant…If HB-70 passes it will be one of the largest expansions of gun free zones in Wyoming ever witnessed.

So much for Tom Lubnau “reading the bills in our best interest” and being (in his own words) an “ardent supporter of your gun rights” — Since he now is advancing legislation that goes hand in hand with a proposal by anti-gun Gillette Mayor who wants a similar gun ban on all city property.

By the way, when I confronted anti-gun Mayor Tom Murphy about his gun ban, he responded by boiling over and sticking his finger in my face.

It appears that Lubnau is working for his local government officials in “Gillette” instead of defending the rights of the voters that elected him to office.

Wyoming Gun Owners is the ONLY gun rights organization working at this level — Exposing anti-gun politicians, lobbying to pass pro gun legislation and working to stop all gun control in Wyoming.

I stand by my statement — Representative Tom Lubnau the “Republican floor leader” should step down and let someone else take the helm.

 Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners


Used by permission.

Yet another politician wants to change our state into a Free Fire Zone for criminals! His stated reasons, are as usual, illogical and based upon some distorted sense of political correctness. We, the people of Wyoming need better from our leaders. Think about it folks. The gang bangers are not just in Cheyenne where there is a tremendous amount of law enforcement. They have spread out all across our state, and it is only a matter of time before something disastrous happens.

Courts only..? Just how long will that last? Not to mention that the man literally insults the intelligence of our Police Officers. Even a dumb Paramedic like me knows better than to just walk up to a suicidal person with a gun… Blue suicide..? The steps leading up to the Courthouse work just as well for that.

Will the next Columbine or Virginia State happen here? Don’t think for one second that this will remain only a Court building thing. If so will only the criminals be lawfully armed until the Police arrive? Two or three minutes is a VERY long time when some misfit is armed with a full auto weapon that is practicing the spray and pray method of marksmanship.

We, the people of Wyoming need to hold our leaders feet to the fire whenever they practice the politics of political correctness, and I call upon every single member of  Mr. Lubnau’s district to give him an earful over this. Then, come next election cycle, send him back home and remind him about why he is there at home at every opportunity!

Bill Ritter 180 sanity revisited?

July 3, 2009

What does it take to restore fiscal sanity when RINO’s and Democrats get a free hand with tax and spend policy? Colorado has over the past few years been somewhat protected by The Taxpayer Bill of Rights, more commonly known by the acronym TABOR. This past session of the legislature saw TABOR pretty much gutted. It also saw the advent of special interest legislation reaching new heights of recklessness. Not to even bother mentioning the use of “fees” to circumvent TABOR restrictions. Before leaving Colorado I briefly thought of using the initiative process to re-define the word taxation in that any charge by government at any level would be deemed a “tax.” That went nowhere. Now, the Colorado legislature, and the state of Colorado are also going nowhere. I have often had disagreements with Governor Bill Ritter about issues that span the entire realm of politics. Now, in a perfect example of broken clock economics the Governor like a broken clock that exhibits the correct time twice on a daily basis he get’s the correct answer.

Hat tip, and thanks to Senator Ted Harvey for this.

For Immediate Release                                         Contact: Ted Harvey

Bill Ritter 180

The day has come.  The numbers are in.  With only one week remaining in the 08/09 fiscal year, the Colorado budget is $250 million in the red.  Once again Governor Ritter and the Democrat legislative leadership misjudged the depth of our economic downturn.  Despite Republican warnings and objections during the last legislative session, the Democrats chose to approve the largest budget in state history.

At a time when small businesses were cutting budgets, reducing expenses, laying off staff or closing their doors altogether, the Democrat legislature grew the Colorado budget by 4% more than the previous year and hired 250 new employees.
While Colorado families were struggling through these tough economic times, the Democrats increased taxes and fees on all Coloradoans by $1 billion, raided the state’s trust funds and emergency reserves – and even tried unsuccessfully to seize $500 million in assets from the Pinnacol Assurance Company, Colorado’s largest provider of workers compensation insurance.  They also took advantage of their majority to remove the 6% spending cap that has controlled government growth for over three decades – a mechanism that has protected Colorado from the kind of out-of-control spending that has pushed states like California to the brink of bankruptcy.

Adding insult to injury, last month the Democrats handed out $30,000 in staff bonuses and spent nearly $4,000 in public funds on a “team-building” retreat.
The 2009 legislative session was a prime example of unchecked Democrat power on parade.

When actual revenues came in $250 million short of expectations, one would have expected Colorado taxpayers to receive an apology from the Governor and the Democrat leadership for their fiscal mismanagement.  Sadly, there were no apologies. Instead, taxpayers were treated to another serving of the Democrats’ brand of faith-based budgeting.

On the day the actual budget numbers came out, the Governor held a press conference explaining that the state would balance the $250 million shortfall by utilizing federal stimulus funding and pushing off payment of the state’s payroll from June 30 (the last day of 2008-2009 fiscal year), until July 1 (the first day of the new fiscal year).  Of course the only thing this did was add $250 million to the already anticipated $140 million shortfall for the new fiscal year-making the state $390 million in the hole from day one! This was simply Enron bookkeeping to avoid making the tough choices and leaving Colorado taxpayers to pick up the tab.
The Governor then rebuffed any media questions regarding an immediate special legislative session to balance our growing deficit.  He continued to insist that the problem could wait until the legislature reconvened in January.  Unfortunately, the Governor failed to admit that delaying for another six months until the start of the 2010 session would only magnify the impact any impending cuts would have on the state budget.

Sadly, the Democrat legislative response was no better.  The only suggestion from the Chairman of the Joint Budget Committee was to extend a property tax increase on senior citizens for another year, and remove tax credits from business owners.
The truth is, on the Day of Reckoning, when the actual budget numbers came out, our Colorado Democrat leadership revealed their true soul and proved once and for all that they were incapable of cutting even one government service or one state employee.

Predictably, the public was outraged.  The lack of Democrat leadership was undeniable.  Faced with an economic reality and voter rebellion, Governor Ritter quickly realized that it was time for government to tighten its belt.
On Thursday, only two days after his initial response, the Governor held another press conference…one that I have dubbed “Bill Ritter 180.”  Surprisingly, he announced what Republicans had been demanding for over two years, that he was directing each of his department heads to review their budgets and cut 10% across the board.  Hallelujah, the leader of our state finally showed leadership! And may God bless him for it. He may have just saved our great state from following California’s lead…straight off the cliff.
Indeed it has been our Republican legislators who have led the charge for fiscal sanity over the last 24 months while pushing for across-the-board cuts…but this week we must give credit to whom credit is due.  Bill Ritter has finally taken a stand and come out against many members of his own party.  Good for him and good for Colorado!
For more information on Senator Ted Harvey please visit his website at

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