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Thanks to politicians who claim to be pro-gun…

June 5, 2012

Constitutional Carry has won broad support from freedom-loving gun owners nationwide.

No citizen should have to beg the government for a permit before he or she can exercise their Constitutional right to bear arms.

Simply put, Constitutional Carry is true Right to Carry legislation. It’s the law in Vermont, Alaska, Arizona and Wyoming.

In 2011, the National Association for Gun Rights played a key role in passing Constitutional Carry in Wyoming. Citizens there may now exercise their God-given right to self-defense without restriction.

Constitutional Carry also passed both the State House and Senate in Montana with NAGR’s backing during the 2011 session, only to be vetoed by Montana’s NRA “A”-rated Governor Brian Schweitzer.

Unfortunately, this pattern of opposition from the institutional gun lobby and the politicians they support was replayed in multiple states throughout the 2012 Legislative season.

The National Association for Gun Rights with allied state-level gun rights groups and pro-gun forces nationwide introduced Constitutional Carry bills in 22 states this year.

Predictably, the left-leaning media and the anti-gun crowd immediately began predicting blood in the streets.

In reality, crime rates have only gone down in Constitutional Carry states.

Vermont is virtually surrounded by higher-crime states like New York and Massachusetts, yet Vermont’s crime rate has remained among the lowest in the nation for decades. Violent crime has also gone down in Alaska and Arizona since Constitutional Carry became law.

In the face of these facts, it is strange to see anti-gun politicians oppose Constitutional Carry with conjured images of Wild West shootouts.

But stranger still is the fact that NRA “A”-rated politicians in numerous states and even an NRA Board Member have joined the anti-gun crowd in opposing the Right to Carry.

In Iowa, NAGR’s boots-on-the-ground ally Iowa Gun Owners (IGO) introduced the bill in 2011 and came within 2 votes of passing it.

This year, NAGR and IGO led a strong fight, but the bill was killed thanks largely to the outrageous efforts of NRA Board Member and Iowa State Representative Clel Baudler.

NAGR ally South Dakota Gun Owners also provided vigorous grassroots support for their Constitutional Carry bill in South Dakota. Sponsored by pro-gun champion Rep. Don Kopp, the bill was stonewalled by the Legislative Leadership in the State House.

Rather than support the Right to Carry, South Dakota Speaker of the House Val Rausch and Speaker Pro Tem Brian Gosch cooked up a substitute bill.

Hailed as “Constitutional Carry” by numerous NRA “A”-rated and endorsed politicians, this bill would have encouraged police to harass and detain law-abiding gun owners for nothing more than possessing a legal handgun!

With NAGR’s assistance, Iowa Gun Owners and South Dakota Gun Owners are now working to hold accountable the anti-gun state legislators who opposed Constitutional Carry.

In Georgia, NAGR and Georgia Gun Owners introduced Constitutional Carry and immediately found strong support from gun owners.

But once again, NRA “A”-rated State Representative Ann Purcell blocked the bill. As chairwoman of the Public Safety Committee, Rep. Purcell refused even to allow a vote.

Thanks in part to the outcry raised by Georgia Gun Owners against her anti-gun obstructionism, Rep. Purcell has chosen not to seek reelection this year.

There are similar stories from all across the country.

NAGR has also focused resources on Tennesee, South Carolina, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma, and is monitoring the battles in Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Rhode Island and Maine.

Thanks to politicians who claim to be pro-gun and to the political cover provided to them by the leaders of the institutional gun lobby, the battle for Constitutional Carry is over for this year in most of these states.

But no one expects to pass Constitutional Carry without a fight.

The National Association for Gun Rights is standing firm for true Right-to-Carry legislation.

By providing resources, support and direct assistance to dozens of pro-gun state-level allies, NAGR is working to hold accountable the politicians who opposed Constitutional Carry, regardless of the ratings they have received from the institutional gun lobby.

And Constitutional Carry will be back in the very next Legislative season.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Vice President

P.S. The National Association for Gun Rights is supported only through the generous contributions of members and supporters like you.

Please consider chipping in $10 or $20 to help NAGR take the fight to the gun-grabbers nationwide.

Only in America

May 22, 2012

1. Only in America could politicians talk about the greed of the rich at a $35,000 a plate campaign fund raising event.


2. Only in America could people claim that the government still discriminates against black Americans when we have a black President, a black Attorney General, and roughly 18% of the federal workforce is black. 12% of the population is black.


3. Only in America could we have had the two people most responsible for our tax code, Timothy Geithner, the head of the Treasury Department and Charles Rangel who once ran the Ways and Means Committee, BOTH turn out to be tax cheats who are in favor of higher taxes.


4. Only in America can we have terrorists kill people in the name of Allah and have the media primarily react by fretting that Muslims might be harmed by the backlash.


5. Only in America would we make people who want to legally become American citizens wait for years in their home countries and pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege while we discuss letting anyone who sneaks into the country illegally just become American citizens.


6. Only in America could the people who believe in balancing the budget and sticking by the country’s Constitution be thought of as “extremists.”


7. Only in America could you need to present a driver’s license to cash a check or buy alcohol, but not to vote.


8. Only in America could people demand the government investigate whether oil companies are gouging the public because the price of gas went up when the return on equity invested in a major U.S. oil company (Marathon Oil) is less than half of a company making tennis shoes (Nike).


9. Only in America could the government collect more tax dollars from the people than any nation in recorded history, still spend a trillion dollars more than it has per year for total spending of $7 million PER MINUTE, and complain that it doesn’t have nearly enough money.


10. Only in America could the rich people who pay 86% of all income taxes be accused of not paying their “fair share” by people who don’t pay any income taxes at all.

So, what do we actually have to do to get America back on the *straight and narrow* my friends?

Stolen from Texas Fred

You can’t say that we didn’t warn you Colorado!

April 9, 2012

(Denver) – Recently, the Regional Transportation District (RTD) Board of Directors decided to refer a hybrid request to the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), to approve a revised plan to implement the FasTracks project. Included in this plan is a 100% increase in the RTD sales tax, dedicated to completing the FasTracks project.

A local citizens group, ‘Truth About Transportation‘ (TAT), has studied the promises made by RTD in 2004 versus what RTD will actually deliver.

You can read the details of the entire 2004 FasTracks plan from RTD here.

Those promises included:

  • A 12 year completion plan. (2017) to complete the project
  • At a cost of $4.7 billion
  • Provided by a 0.4% sales tax
  • New and expanded rapid transit in nine major travel corridors, funding over 119 miles of light rail and commuter rail
  • And a plethora of other promises made and not kept

Truth About Transportation is a citizens group that opposes any further tax increase to fund the FasTracks project, beyond the 0.4% sales tax that voters approved in 2004. TAT believes that RTD should be held accountable to voters to deliver what was promised in 2004.

TAT will be highlighting this lack of accountability and failure to deliver, over the next several months.

For more information you can contact Ken Katt at 303.338.9149. You can visit the TAT web site at or email us at


Our Mission at Truth About Transportation –TAT: To provide useful and accurate information to Colorado citizens about the transportation issues which may affect their daily lives.

Constitutional Carry update: Republicans are pro gun..?

March 17, 2012

Constitutional Carry is the basic principle that if you are legally eligible to purchase a firearm, you should be able to carry that weapon, concealed, for self-defense without government permission.

Passage of Constitutional Carry does not abolish existing permit systems, or their corresponding reciprocity agreements. It merely provides law-abiding citizens with an alternative avenue for armed self-defense.

Passing Constitutional Carry in state legislatures across the country is a key goal of the National Association for Gun Rights’ State Legislative program. The National Association for Gun Rights’ activists successfully passed Constitutional Carry in Wyoming in 2011.

Constitutional Carry is law in Vermont, Alaska, Arizona and Wyoming.

  • Colorado: Two Constitutional Carry bills have been introduced, one in each chamber. SB-25 (Neville) has been procedurally killed in committee. HB-1092 (Priola) was on third reading but they sent it back to Judiciary to clear up a language dispute.
  • Georgia: HB-679 (Spencer) is in Public Safety & Homeland Security. It was heard on February 13th, but the committee’s chair, Republican Ann Purcell, refused to allow an up or down vote. Georgia’s important “crossover” deadline has since passed, but there is still time to add it as an amendment to another gun bill.
  • Iowa: Working with our ally Iowa Gun Owners, two Constitutional Carry bills have been introduced in Iowa (HF-291 and HF-2113). They are in the Public Safety Committee. Again, Republican leadership has blocked the vote in effort to quietly kill both bills, but pressure to revisit this legislation is mounting.
  • Kentucky: HB 280 (Harmon) is in the House Judiciary Committee.
  • New Hampshire: Working with our ally New Hampshire Firearms Coalition (NHFC), HB-536 (Hoell) passed the House and received a favorable hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This is the second year in a row that it has passed. However, anti-gun Republican leadership is trying to kill it behind the scenes. NAGR and NHFC have worked hard to expose the anti-gun backroom dealings.
  • Maine: Two 2011-12 bills were killed by leadership.
  • Mississippi: HB 596 (Formby) was introduced this past month; however it contains some bad language that needs to be amended out.
  • Montana: In 2011, NRA “A-Rated” rated Governor Brian Schweitzer vetoed Constitutional Carry. Montana does not hold a legislative session in 2012. NAGR is continuing to work in Montana to see that this becomes the standard in all areas of the state next year.
  • Ohio: HB 256 (Adams) is the 2011-12 bill. It is in the State Government & Elections committee.
  • Oklahoma: There are dozens of gun bills floating around the capitol this year. While most of have an emphasis on open carry, one proposed floor amendment from last March (FA-7 by Derby) to HB-1796 (Tibbs) came close to doing away with the permit requirement.
  • Rhode Island: S 2133 (Picard) is in Senate Judiciary.
  • South Carolina: The concept was introduced earlier in the 2011-12 session, but didn’t make it far before the anti-gunners stalled it and watered it down. NAGR members in the Palmetto state are working to get a recorded vote on Constitutional Carry in the South Carolina Legislature.
  • South Dakota: NRA “A-Rated” Republican leadership violated the state constitution to prevent HB 1015 (Kopp) from receiving a floor vote. They substituted it with language that at best still requires a permit in the form of your driver’s license and still mandates ALL the requirements including a background check. South Dakota Gun Owners and NAGR will continue to work toward a real Constitutional Carry law in the future.
  • Tennessee: Several Constitutional Carry bills have been introduced in the last two years including SB 397, which awaits a hearing in the Judiciary Committee. On February 2, companion legislation was introduced in the Tennessee State House — HB 3818.
  • Virginia: HB 139 by Delegate Cole was left in committee after crossover without being continued. Cole was unwilling to respond to the demands of NAGR members to file a discharge petition to bring Constitutional Carry to the House floor. NAGR will be working with our allies on the ground in Virginia to find a more courageous sponsor to bring this to the floor going forward.
  • Wisconsin: Last year, Wisconsin became the 49th state to recognize concealed carry in SB 93 (Galloway). The bill originally began as a Constitutional Carry bill.
  • Elsewhere: 2011-12 Constitutional Carry bills were considered in Nevada, Idaho, Indiana, Oregon, Utah, and West Virginia. However, those initiatives failed to become law.

    This brings the total to 26 states that have, are considering, or have considered Constitutional Carry during this legislative cycle.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Vice President


Sort of a new category at CLO, sort of…

March 13, 2012

I’m going to start posting more often about products or services, and inviting guest posters / authors. Reviews of products such as IWB Holsters, pistols and other firearms. If you would like to submit an article just post a comment to that effect. Your email address will show up to me, and I will get into contact with you.  Spam will not be accepted period. legitimate endorsements will be. Training courses, and your post course evaluations will, I hope, be a biggy! We all know about Gunsite, and Front Sight, and we all know that there are often financial and or travel barriers to getting into those courses. Not to mention barriers to the individual person that wants or needs training. The last that I read, the Constititution didn’t say anything at all about a protected class of Americans. As in “This class is for active and reserve military; or Law Enforcement personnel only.” Beware of those that only want you, the private citizen, to be able to only sort of protect yourself.

This new page / category will also address such things as Bachelor cooking. How to actually sharpen that knife, or, straight razor. Making a firing pin for a 22 rim-fire from a piece of coat-hanger, or a tooth pick from the same, or even a chicken bone! I’d really like an expert to submit postings about herbal medicines that are available here in the back woods of America. While I do know some about the subject for some reason I believe that my readers would like to know more than save the charcoal from the bowl that you made in case of food poisoning, or that Cattail fuzz can make a very good wound dressing, or tampon! (The last is something that I was told, and I certainly cannot verify it as true!)

Hopefully, this new series will be a reference for all, and others will contribute. I still have to establish some ground rules but most Outdoors folks are pretty good about things like that. First job will be to name the category.

Oh, and let’s try and keep politics out of it. Sure, a link will be alright. As will link backs and trackbacks.

NAGR’s 2012 Executive Summary: New Threats

January 31, 2012

Here is NAGR’s 2012 Executive Summary:

*** Hillary’s UN Gun Ban AND the Obama administration’s Election-Year gun control push:

Hillary Clinton and the United Nations are putting the finishing touches on their “Small Arms Treaty” this summer, and President Obama is ready to push a new “Assault Weapons Ban,” a Magazine Ban and Bloomberg’s “Catch All Gun Control Scheme” in order to win left-wing support.

*** Dozens of CRUCIAL U.S. House and Senate races, with our gun rights hanging in the balance:

Holding the politicians accountable has NEVER been more important.  Not only must we defend true gun rights heroes like Congressman Paul Broun through our Political Action Committee, we also have the opportunity to hold accountable long-standing anti-gun Republicans like Senators Dick Lugar and Orrin Hatch.

*** Leading the fight for REAL Right-to-Carry in states all across the nation:

After passing Constitutional Carry in Wyoming in 2011, NAGR has a tremendous opportunity to move forward with this vital legislation in up to a dozen more states.  If we are successful in raising the resources, this could result in a rout of the gun-grabbers unlike anything seen in decades.

These threats and opportunities are why I’m hoping you will stand strong with your support for the National Association for Gun Rights and our battles ahead.

These threats and opportunities are why I’m hoping you will stand strong with your support for the National Association for Gun Rights and our battles ahead.

Your generous support will help pay for direct mail and online alerts to help turn up the heat on politicians.

And you’ll be paying for our hard-hitting radio, newspaper, internet and TV ad campaigns it will take to make each one of these efforts a resounding success, as well.

To help the cause please click HERE


U.N. abuse of U.S. may have a price; It’s about time!

December 2, 2011

Representative Joe Walsh (R-IL) has drafted a bill that would block U.S. funding to the United Nations if it seeks to implement gun control measures affecting U.S. citizens.


Despite victories by gun owners in elections and legislative battles throughout the country in recent years, on the international front gun control is moving quickly.


Most significantly, in 2012 the UN plans to release a final draft of the Arms Trade Treaty—a treaty that will have severe consequences for American gun owners.


Meetings are held behind close doors, but from information gathered by GOA we believe that the ATT will, at the very least, require gun owner registration and microstamping of ammunition.


The ATT will define manufacturing so broadly that any gun owner who adds an accessory such as a scope or changes a stock on a firearm would be required to obtain a manufacturing license.


It would also likely include a ban on many semi-automatic firearms (like the Clinton gun ban) and demand the mandatory destruction of surplus ammo and confiscated firearms.


President Obama, not surprisingly, welcomes the treaty. He knows that he is unlikely to get such radical proposals through the Congress, so the UN provides him a backdoor way to enact gun control.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is also on board and began pushing for the treaty as soon as she was confirmed in her position. “The United States is prepared to work hard for a strong international standard in this area,” she said.


Since treaties must be ratified by the Senate, GOA is working continually to buck up weak-kneed Senators who might be pressured to ratify the treaty.


But the House, which controls the nations’ purse strings, can also play a role in killing the ATT (or any other anti-gun treaty, for that matter).


Rep. Joe Walsh’s legislation will cut U.S. funding to the UN if the international body imposes any restrictions on Americans’ gun rights.


This is a huge deal, because without the contributions of the United States, the UN would be crippled financially. According to government reports, U.S. taxpayers foot the bill for 22 percent of the UN’s regular budget and 27 percent of its “peacekeeping” budget.


American gun owners, in other words, are funding the organization that wants to do away with the Second Amendment!


Rep. Walsh is putting the UN on notice: back off our gun rights.


Entitled the “The Second Amendment Protection Act of 2011,” Rep. Walsh is now seeking original cosponsors to join him in the House. He plans to introduce the bill within the next week.


Rep. Walsh highlights for his House colleagues the necessity of his proposal, noting that:


It is the constitutional power of Congress to determine United States foreign policy through the ratification of international treaties;

U.S. Presidents, by signing on to treaties, have opened the door for international organizations to unilaterally regulate the lives of citizens of the United States;


International and transnational organizations force their rules on people of the United States through conventions, multilateral agreements, and nonratified treaties, such as agreements that affect the private ownership of firearms by law-abiding citizens; and


United States sovereignty is risked by domestic legal applicability of international treaties and executive agreements that have not been voted on and congressionally adopted through formal processes.


Let’s help Rep. Joe Walsh get as many cosponsors as possible. In the process, we’ll find out how many Representatives are willing to stand up to the behemoth United Nations in defense of the Second Amendment.


Click here to send your Representative a prewritten message.





Double Edged Swords and unintended things …

November 18, 2011

Seems that the Concealed Carry reciprocity Bil HR 822 passed by a wide margin. Looks good on the face of things. At least if you support the Constitution and Bill of Rights. However, I submit that this is merely a pig that has been dressed up and had a liberal amount of lipstick applied. It’s still nothing but a pig…

Why so? Because it assumes that the federal Government can assign a right that is preexisting, an inalienable right. Just because Illinois and D.C. are stuck on stupid does not in any way mean that others must follow their lead toward totalitarianism. It would have been much better if the House would have passed a law that said that no State, City, etc. shall deny any right that is defined as inalienable, including the Second Amendment right to be capable of properly and effectively defend oneself, neighbors, State, and Nation. In passing this law, they justify wrongdoing by a government authority, as it were. That said, here is Gun Owners of America’s take on things.

Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill Passes House

The epic failure obama’s continuing war on America: Border Patrol agent Jesus “Chito” Diaz

November 1, 2011

Yet another of our people that are sworn to protect and defend us gets hammered by our own government while doing their assigned duties. This is disgraceful to say the least. Republicans were no better on these sorts of issues either. Remember Ramos and Campean?

Related articles:

Jailed Border Agent Jesus Diaz Denied Bond; Family Speaks Out

Union Official Accused of “Sabotage” in Border Agent Case

Feds Prosecuted U.S. Border Agent for Mexico

Full Story Here:
Critics Furious As Border Agent Diaz Gets Two Years in Prison


Stolen from Texas Fred

Yet another reason for many at DOJ to face not only dismissal, but prosecution and imprisonment!

Proposition 103: What is the Cost to Colorado Taxpayers?

October 22, 2011

IP-7-2011 (October 2011)
Author: Barry Poulson and John D. Merrifield

PDF of full Issue Paper
Scribd version of full Issue Paper


Proposition 103 is an initiative that will increase Colorado tax rates and require the state to spend the money on government schools. Prop 103 increases the personal income tax, the corporate income tax, and the statewide sales and use tax for the years 2012 through 2016.

The Fiscal Impact Statement prepared by Colorado’s Legislative Council Staff estimates the cost of the tax increase at $2.9 billion. However, the cost for Colorado taxpayers will be significantly greater than staff estimates. Legislative Council uses static analysis, measuring only the direct impact of the higher taxes on state revenue. They ignore the negative impact the tax increase will have on economic growth and jobs in Colorado.


So, even with built in automatic tax increases Colorado Schools (Unions) need even more money. Now why couldn’t I have guessed that?

Nevertheless, I’m sure that the people of Colorado will vote in favor of this measure. Because after all is said and done the people there are stuck on stupid.

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